Vastu Dubai, Vastu Consultant in Dubai, A Case Study

/Vastu Dubai, Vastu Consultant in Dubai, A Case Study
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Vastu Dubai, Vastu Consultant in Dubai, A Case Study

We were invited by a family in Dubai sometime back. It was a short trip for Vastu consultation of a villa in Dubai. We all know that Dubai has a world class infrastructure which resulted in to tremendous economic growth and prosperity of the Dubai. We have provided on site as well as long distance (via emaail/skype) consultation to our clients in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman & Abu Dhabi.
Vastu Survey started with the surroundings of the Villa. It was a well planned project of beautiful villas with wonderful street architecture.

Assessment (vastu Dubai):-

Villa was located on the west and south part of the entire plot leaving maximum open space at the north and east direction, which is most ideal location according to the vastu shastra. Villa will have an advantage of maximum organic energy and cosmic energy flow leading to a success and growth for the house owner.
Entrance of the Villa was located at the south zone of the house. It was placed at the fifth block at the south line, which was highly inauspicious. For readers, it should be noted that entire south zone is not bad as per vastu. While designing south facing house, door area should be marked under the guidance of vastu expert.
Bed room is a place which lets body completely relax and does repair job the body at night. Close look inside the bed room alarmed a major changes to be done immediately. Here master bed was located at south east zone of the entire house. Even bed was placed with the head at the north, which is never recommended as per vastu. South east bed room creates a situation of disagreement or some times it creates hot temperament for the couple. Sleeping with head at north draws entire energy and is not good for health. Lastly , Villa plot was having an underground water tank at north west, which affects the quality of key contacts for house owners.
All these defects were discussed with the client. Family was facing a frequent sickness issue since moving to this house.
Corrections:- Many countries including Dubai has a very strict rules regarding the modifications of approved plan. The practice of Vastu shastra does not require the drastic reconstruction of the premises. Often, all that is required is internal relocation, colour management & use of plants, gadgets or some enhancers to rectify/ minimize the effect of vastu dosha. The purpose is to create and attract a good energy.
In modern living, where the environment at macro level is highly influenced by many factors beyond our control, micro level energy correction done with empowered remedies can effectively bring in and retain health, wealth, harmony and happiness in the life.Corrections in the above situation were started with a opening of an additional entrance door from the garden, which was from east zone. South door cure was suggested with simple vastu remedies available.
Owner has also agreed to built a swimming pool at north east to nullify the negative impact of water tank at north west. Also remedy for the north west tank was suggested. Sleeping direction with head towards a south and shifting of master bed room was easy to implement as house was already having a bed room at south west which was used as a guest bed room. Master Bed room was made energy efficient to encourage harmonious relationship, more positive energy & better health.
Some important suggestions like use of harmony colours, children bed room arrangements, healthy kitchen arrangements were part of our detailed Vastu analysis report given to the client.
My client, understood the reasons and was eager to carry out suggested changes with the positive mind.

We have also provided personal as well as email consultation in   Jumeirah (click to read case study)  &  Sharjah &  Harmriyah (click to read case study)
For Long Distance Client, Our services are now available via email as well as skype for overseas clients. You can mail us scan copy of your home or office plan for a quick vastu opinion or detailed consultation.
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