Vastu Dubai, Vastu Consultant in Dubai, A Case Study

/Vastu Dubai, Vastu Consultant in Dubai, A Case Study
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Vastu Dubai, Vastu Consultant in Dubai, A Case Study

Vastu Consultant in Dubai

Vastu is all about the arrangement of elements to create positive connections. These elements are most likely to produce a new experience. It delivers profound ways to increase wealth potentials by exploring five vastu elements.

With Vastu, you will attract everything you need in life, naturally like a magnet and repel anything else.  Vastu adds positive vibes to any kind of premises. Manifesting a flow of energy in any location is a key as per vastu. It shows a way on how internal, as well as the external environment, can help us to achieve an experience of abundance.

People from western  as well as middle east countries  are now more attracted towards the  sciences of eastern countries. Vastu has now global acceptance. There is a greater awareness that our physical surrounding  does affect the quality of our life.

Benefits of Vastu:-

It helps you to become more productive as well as prosperous.

You will be able to rethink and refocus.

You will find yourself starting to refill with ideas and  your creative juice will be overflowing.

A Case Study | Vastu Consultant in Dubai

We were invited in Dubai by an Indian family.  It was a short trip to conduct a Vastu consultation for an  independent villa. We all know that Dubai has a world class infrastructure . This resulted in to tremendous economic growth and prosperity of the Dubai.

Assessment (Vastu Consultant in Dubai):-

Survey:- Vastu Survey started with the surroundings of the Villa. It was a well-planned project of beautiful villas with the wonderful street architecture in the Dubai sports city.

Villa was located towards the west and south zone of the plot. It was having a  maximum open space in the north and east direction. Due to this, the house was having an advantage of maximum organic energy as well as cosmic energy flow.
The entrance of the Villa was located towards the south zone of the house. It was placed in the fifth block of the south line, which was highly inauspicious. For readers, it should be noted that the entire south zone is not inauspicious as per vastu. Front entrance should be marked under the guidance of Vastu expert while designing a south facing home.

Bedroom:- Bedroom is a place which lets body completely relax and does repair job for the body at night. A close look inside the bedroom alarmed major changes to be done immediately. Master bedroom was located in the south east zone of the house. South-east bedroom creates a situation of disagreement. It may also cause hot temperament for the couple. Even bed was placed wrongly with the head towards the north. This is highly inauspicious and brings serious bad luck.  Sleeping with head towards the north draws entire body energy and is not good for the health.

Finally, Villa plot was having an underground water tank at north-west. This may impact the house owner’s relationship with outsiders.

All these defects were discussed with the client. Family members were facing a frequent sickness issue since moving to this house.

Importance of remedies

Many countries including Dubai, UAE has very strict rules regarding the modifications of an approved plan. Most important, the practice of Vastu shastra does not require the drastic reconstruction of the premises. Often, all that is required is internal relocation, color management and, also the use of the plants. Few vastu gadgets, as well as some enhancers, can be used to rectify or minimize the defects. The purpose is to rather create and attract a good energy.
In modern living, the environment at the macro level is highly influenced by many factors. A micro level energy correction done with empowered remedies can create harmony in any space. As a result, it will effectively bring in and retain health, wealth, harmony and, also happiness in life.

Corrections | Vastu Consultant in Dubai

Provide additional entrance from the east. Install Vastu Bhaum Yantra on the existing south entrance. Also, place petrified earth crystals towards the south-west corner (near the door). So this will enhance the earth sector of the house.

Build a swimming pool towards the northeast. This will nullify the negative impact of a water tank at north-west. Use brass strips to correct vastu defect of water tank located towards the north-west.

Use south-west bedroom as a master bedroom. Sleep with head towards the south. It results into harmonious relationship, more positive energy and, also better health. Avoid south-west bedroom for the guest.  The existing bedroom was mainly causing a sickness to the female members in the house. Hence shifting a bedroom will minimize the harmful energy.

Addition remedies | Vastu Consultant in Dubai

Apply harmonious colors in the master bedroom as well as the kid’s room. Colors act like a vitamin for the energy fields of the body as well as the surrounding. Most important, it brings life to any space.

Refresh your kitchen with pistachio green or lemon yellow colors. It is soothing, relaxing both mentally and, also physically.

Display Vastu pine tree painting on the eastern wall of living area. This will enhance longevity. Paintings and symbols impact our subconscious mind which controls more than 90% of our behaviors and even our decisions.

In addition to the above, also follow some important changes suggested in the Vastu Report.

Go with the Vastu flow and find a success.

We have also provided personal as well as email consultation in   Jumeirah (click to read case study).  Sharjah &  Harmriyah (click to read case study)

We have conducted long-distance consultations by email & skype all over the world.  It includes  New York (USA), Australia (Sydney), China, Japan, Indiana, Dubai, Muscat(UAE), New Jersey as well as  Chicago. Also, we have clients from Tanzania, Kenya, Huston, London(UK), Melbourne, Sydney, Singapore, Belgium, Pakistan, and also Sri Lanka.

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