Vastu Case Study, Buying Apartment,Goa

Case study on Vastu consultant for Home in Goa

Vastu consultant for Home in Goa – There are certain rules to be followed when you want to assess the good Vastu of a home. Directions and five elements play a very important role while selecting a new site. Even if you are staying for a temporary period, Vastu shows its impact on the occupant. The secret of a peaceful life is to live in balance and harmony.  It is crucial in the modern stage also. Your home is a private retreat from the world, a place to slow your pace and relax in the company of loved ones. We have been asked by our client to select the best suitable apartment for his holiday stay home in Goa.

vastu-goaVastu consultant for Home in Goa

[A] Layout of apartment No. 201 indicates missing corner at north-east as well as south-west. These are the major defects and can not be recommended to buy the home. Northeast is a divine corner and missing corners will impact the quality of your life.  A cut in the south-west will reduce the earth element as per Vastu. This will impact your stability and financial luck.

[B] Apartment No.202 has a door located in a south-east region with the missing corner at north-east and south-west. Simply, it is a big NO for such an apartment. Again missing the northeast and southwest corner will impact as explained above.