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Cae study on Vastu consultants for Home in Goa

Vastu consultants for Home – There are certain rules to be followed when you want to assess the good Vastu of a home. Directions and five elements play a very important role while selecting a new site. Even if you are staying for a temporary period, vastu shows its impact on the occupant. Secret of peaceful life is to live in balance and harmony.  It is crucial in modern stage also. Your home is private retreat from the world, a place to slow your pace and relax in the company of loved ones.

We have been asked by our client to select the best suitable apartment for his holiday stay home  in Goa from the following layout:-

Vastu consultants for Home

[A] Layout of  apartment No. 201 indicates missing corner at north-east as well as south-west. These are the  major defects and can not be recommended to buy the home. North east is a divine corner and mising corner  will impact on  quality of your life.  A cut in the south-west will reduce the earth element as per Vastu. This will impact on your stability and financial luck.

[B] Apartment No.202 has a door located in a south-east region with the missing corner at north-east and south-west. Simply, it  is a big NO for such  apartment. Again missing north east and south west corner will impact as explained above.

[C] The toilet in the center zone (Brahmasthan) in apartment 203 is a major Vastu defect. Toilet in the centre will have major impact on all sector of your life. If shifted towards the wall, this can be a good purchase as per Vastu.

[D] Apartment No. 204 has a door location at “inauspicious zone “ with the toilet in the center of the home. Not a good place as per Vastu.

[E] Apartment No. 205 has an extended south-west with a toilet in the center is against the Vastu rule and should be avoided. Extension in the south-west will result in to  health issues, court matters, and  defamation.

[F] Apartment No.206 with north-west extension and toilet in the center is rejected from the Vastu point of view.

Some of the apartments from the above map can be corrected with simple Vastu remedies if applied correctly. The fundamental principles of Vastu Shastra can be easily tuned, extended and modernized to meet the needs of the day because basic needs of the man never change. Vastu Shastra has become more relevant for the modern man.

What kind of Vastu remedies are recommneded?

Vastu partition strips:- We use brass, copper and wooden strips to cut off the extension of any area

Earth Crystals:- These types of remedies are used to rectify the defect of south-west corner.

Metals:- We use lead, copper, brass, zinc, iron etc. to recify the Vastu defects related to various zones.

Water:- Water urli, Water crystal etc are the simplest cures available to rectify north-east Vastu defect.

Fire:- Fire crystals, Fire lamps, Helix etc are used to correct Vasstu defects of South -east zone.

Consultation by Vastuplus team Vastu for Goa

Vastu plus promotes a practical Vastu concept which is quick,simple and easy to follow Vastu planning.  Our suggestions for your home Vastu helps you to transform your home in to a harmonious space. Purpose of our consultation is to navigate the energy which existing the house and boost the same as much as possible. Our recommendations does not harm a style and taste of client as well as architectural planning.

Let professional experts organize your space to balance the elements.

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About Goa:- Goa is a coastal region located in the western part of India. It is  famous and  most popular tourist destination. Bounded by Arabian Sea on one side and land on the other sides, this region boasts more than 30 beaches. It is the smallest region of the country and fourth smallest region in terms of population. Ruled by Portuguese in the past, this region is famous for fusion of European and Indian culture and beauty. Panji, Margao, Vasco Da gama, Mapusa, Ponda etc. are the main cities of  Goa.

Its toursit attraction includes Aguada Fort, Chapora Fort, Terekhol Fort, Reis Mogos Fort, Cabo De Rama Fort, Corjuem Fort, Bom Jesus Basilica, Se Cathedral, Church Of St. Francis Of Assisi, Church Of St. Cajetan, Thalassa Restaurant, The Fisherman’s Wharf, Anteras, Vagator, Tito’s Club, Mambo’s, Britto’s, Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Mandovi-Zuari Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Mapusa Market, Saturday Night Market, Anjuna Flea Market,   Aguada Beach, Arambol Beach, Baga Beach, Anjuna Beach, Butterfly Beach, Calangute Beach, Colva Beach, Cansaulim Beach, Benaulim Beach,  Dona Paula Beach,  Ashvem Beach,  Mobor Beach, Sinquerim Beach,  Querim Beach, Chorao Island,  Divar Island,  Grand Island, Archives Museum, Panaji, Dudhsagar Waterfalls, Shri Mangeshi Temple, Shri Shantadurga Temple,Shri Mahalaxmi Temple, Candolim Beach, Tito’s Street, Palolem Beach, Casino Cruise, The Church Of Our Lady Of Immaculate Conception,Club Cubana,Lamgau Caves,Arvalem Waterfall etc.

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