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Vastu consultants for Home

Vastu consultants for Home – There are certain rules to be followed when you want to assess the good vastu of a home. Directions and five elements play a very important role while selecting a new site. Even if you are staying for a temporary period, vastu shows its impact on the occupant.
We have been asked by our client to select the best suitable apartment for his holiday stay in Goa from the following layout:-

Vastu consultants for Home goa

Vastu consultants for Home

A. A shape of apartment No. 201 indicates missing corner at north-east as well as south-west. It’s a major defect and can not be recommended to buy.
B. Apartment No.202 has a door located in a south-east region with the missing corner at north-east and south-west. Simply, there is a big no for such an apartment.
C. The toilet in the center zone (Brahmasthan) in apartment 203 is a major vastu defect & if shifted towards the wall, this can be a good purchase as per vastu.
D. Apartment No. 204 has a door location at “inauspicious zone “ with the toilet in the center of the home. Not a good place as per vastu.
E. Apartment No. 205 has an extended south-west with a toilet in the center is against the vastu rule and should be avoided.
F. Apartment No.206 with north-west extension and toilet in the center is rejected from the vastu point of view.
Some of the apartments from the above map can be corrected with simple vastu remedies if applied correctly. The fundamental principles of Vastu Shastra can be easily tuned, extended and modernized to meet the needs of the day because basic needs of the man never change. Vastu Shastra has become more relevant for the modern man.

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