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Dear Sir,
One of the local Vastu Consultant Kolhapur has advised some changes in our house but we could not find them effective after implementation. Please provide some quick remedies- Kadam, Mahalaxmi Nagar, Kolhapur

Vastu Consultant Kolhapur

Vastu findings | Vastu Consultant Kolhapur:-

The shape of the plot is irregular and has an extension at North West (Type of fault-Major vastu defect)
The construction of the site is made towards the north and northeast, leaving more open space on south and west (Type of fault – Major vastu defect)
Kitchen falls in the northeast zone(Type of fault-Major vastu defect)
Septic tank at south-west in open plot (Type of fault-Major vastu defect)

Vastu Suggestions | Vastu Consultant Kolhapur:-

Vastu corrections | Vastu Consultant Kolhapur:-
Based on 21 vastu energy efficient techniques, we suggest implementing the following vastu remedies:-
Create vastu virtual boundary to cut off the excess margin with vastu pyramid dividers towards the south and west (Zone balancing & Energy partition)
Since Excess margin was cut off with the vastu strips as suggested above, the septic tank moves outside the plot & hence the defect is rectified.
Additional cures were made by installing lead metal blocks & planting an audumber tree at the south-west (metal cure & vastu environment)
Solar energy should be introduced by installing copper sun with Suryaa yantra on the east wall of the living area inside the house
Kitchen should be shifted to the south east of the house. Initially, you can use vastu copper arrow to shift the kitchen virtually without moving it physically at south east. (Energy shifters)
Bed room at south-east should be shifted to north-east which can be used by children and the occasional guest. If not shifted, use green quartz crystal in a bowl at the south east corner to save from negative impact for bed room being in the south-east corner. (power crystal)

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