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Vastu Case Study, Indore Vastu, Industrial Unit

Industrial and food parks with sound infrastructure at multiple locations have attracted many new ventures in Madhya Pradesh, especially Indore. The Industrial growth in this region has been phenomenal and many large companies have chosen to set up their industries here.

Working in a Vastu oriented environment, or even carrying out Vastu corrections in the existing premises, is the easiest way to enhance positive energy flow.

We have visited one of the machinery manufacturing units in the Industrial area at Indore to analyze and correct an existing unit according to Vastu.


1. Road level was higher than the existing floor level of the Unit. (A major Vastu defect)

Effect:- Growth hampered in spite of all resources

2. Extension of plot towards the south-east is a serious Vastu defect.

Effect:- Disputes with buyers, legal cases

3. A unit has generated lots of scraps lying in the premises for more than one year

Effect:- Negative vibrations in the production zone

4. There was an underground water tank towards the south-west of the Shed

Effect:- Losses in the deal

5. Majority of the administrative staff in the office were facing south while working on their desk

Effect:- Poor performance and absenteeism

6. Location of various toilets in the south-east, north and north-east zone was serious Vastu defect.

Effect:- Rejection due to a quality complain

7. There was a huge unsold stock in the north-east

Effect: – Product will not move easily from the unit

Vastu Consultant in Indore

Vastu recommendations & corrections |  Vastu Consultant in Indore:

Vastu changes and corrections help premises to maximize its harmony with the surrounding.

  1. Entire premises should be divided into two rectangular shapes by putting multiple Vastu strips as shown in the above diagram. Cut off extended south-east by putting a multiple Vastu partition strips.
  2. Correct higher level of the road compared to the plot by putting multiple zinc pyramids along with vastu kalasha on the outer border of the plot.
  3. Close underground water tank located at the south-west and make a bore well and a huge underground water tank towards the northeast. Vastu corners can be fixed on four sides of the existing water tank till a new one is made to subsidies the impact of Vastu defect.
  4. Positive energy in the space can become clogged around cluttered work areas, so take the time to clear up scraps at a regular interval.
  5. The desk of the majority and key personnel in the administrative zone has been arranged in such a way that they face good direction. This will balance the work environment and help them in improving their performance.
  6. The nonmoving ready stock has been moved to wind zone for its quick disposal at good rates.
  7. Energy pollution due to the negative location of the toilets can be removed by putting a Vastu salt in each toilet zone along with Jasmine aroma fresheners.

Vastu Energy-efficient techniques | Vastu Consultant in Indore:-

  1. Under the space clearing method, entire premises should be purified from any negative energies by using a crystal essence.
  2. Under the zone balancing method, fire element should be enhanced by using fire crystals and color therapy
  3. Green zone (Growing auspicious trees and plants) is essential in any residential or industrial locations. We suggest a small green lawn towards the eastern zone of the premises. Plants and trees have a calming and relaxing effect on the environment.  Plants release oxygen which will improve the air quality of the space and give you renewed energy throughout the day.

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