Vastu Case Study, Rajasthan – Vastu Consultant in Jaisalmer

Recently Our team of Vastu consultant have visited a Jaisalmer – golden city of Rajasthan. It was a client’s new office cum residential premises. Over the years of improving & correcting Vastu of my client’s house and business locations, We have noticed that there are a few important placements that many people seldom pay attention to them. Both the premises were in the final stage of construction. We found few major Vastu defects, which were ignored while making interior plans.

Vastu analysis help in identifying key positive and negative placements in your home. It guides you in adding specific energy enhancers in your space. It also assists in correcting sudden life problems. This five-element are equally important even in today’s environment. Vastu makes your space more organized and healthier.

Plan before Vastu:-

vastu consultant jaisalmer rajasthan


  • The water tank was planned in the south-east zone of the property. It could impact on the career and fate of the male member of the house. The water tank was also placed under the main door of the upper floor.
  • RCC staircase was planned in the north-east zone. It will block the auspicious flow from the northeast zone.
  • The location of the main entrance at ground level was in the inauspicious zone. The door represents opportunities in life. The main door should always be placed carefully towards the auspicious location.
  • Toilet block in the east of the north-east zone is highly damaging. It will pollute the tranquil energy entering from the northeast zone.
  • Additional entry on ground level was in the inauspicious zone.
  • The entry to the residence floor was negative.
  • The kitchen was placed in a neutral zone. It does not guarantee sound health and prosperity.
  • Bedrooms need a replanning as their locations and internal planning were against the Vastu principles. The true location of the bedroom is important for the quality of your personal energy.

Vastu replanned:-

vastu consultant in jaisalmer rajasthan
  • Shift underground water tank towards the north-east zone of the premises. (Vastu element-water). As a result, you enjoy quality as well as a successful life.
  • Make staircase from the wood instead of RCC. This will surely reduce the load at north-east.
  • Shift the ground floor entrance to the positive zone in the south-east section. A good front door nourishes the business as well as the house in a positive way
  • Shift toilets of all floors more towards the north-west.
  • Make home office nearest to the south-west zone. Close additional entrance made towards the south-west zone.
  • Make seating in such a way that the owner, as well as office staff, faces east.
  • Place home temple in the north-east section. (zon