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Vastu analysis help in identifying key positive and negative placements in your home. It guides you in adding specific energy enhancers in your space. It also  assists in correcting sudden life problems. These five element are equally important even in today’s environment.

Recently I have visited a Jaisalmer – golden city of Rajasthan, for client’s new office cum residential premises. Over the years of improving & correcting vastu of my client’s house and business locations, I noticed that there are a few important placements that many people seldom pay attention to them. Premises was under the final stage of constructions and we found few major vastu defects and faulty interior plan.
Plan before vastu:-

vastu consultant jaisalmer rajasthan

1. The water tank was planned in the south-east zone of the property. It was also below the main door of the upper floor
2. RCC staircase was planned in the north-east zone
3. Location of the main entrance at ground level was in the inauspicious zone
4. Toilet block in the east of north-east zone was damaging vastu
5. Additional entry on ground level was in the inauspicious zone
6. Entry to the residence floor was negative.
7. Kitchen placed in a neutral zone.
8. Bedrooms need a replanning.

Vastu replanned:-

vastu consultant in jaisalmer rajasthan

1. Underground water tank shifted to the north-east zone (vastu element-water)
2. RCC Staircase at North-east zone now suggested to be in the wooden material
3. Ground floor entrance shifted to the positive zone in the south-east section. A good front door nourishes the business as well as the house in a positive way
4. Toilets are shifted to the north-west
5. Owners cabin planned nearest to the south-west zone and additional entrance closed from south-west zone
6. Staff seating is made facing east.
7. Temple recommended in the north-east section (zone of tranquility)
8.Entrance to the residence at first floor now made in a positive block.
9. Thought bedroom can be not be relocated in the earth zone, it was put nearest to the south-west zone.
10. Kitchen now shifted to the fire zone.
11. Faulty staircase in the south-west zone is corrected with vastu remedies by using a natural quartz crystal, Lead helix, and lead pyramids
12. Generally, vastu planning never recommends the basement for the purpose of residence or work. Vastu corners in the ceiling of the basement were fixed to correct the defect

About Jaisalmer:- Jaisalmer is a famous tourist destination of Rajasthan. Jaisalmer Fort, Patwon ki Haveli, Salim Singh Ki Haveli, Bada Bagh, Jain Temple, Desert safari, Khaba fort etc. are biggest attractions.

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