Vastu Consultant in Kolkata (West Bengal)

Vastu is an ancient cosmic science with exciting application for modern life. It has brought a huge good luck to many and it can do the same to other people also.  Vastu Shastra has ability to  transform your life. It will lift your life to much higher level by  following  simple  recommendations. You will begin living a creative and harmoniously passionate life. Buying a property is certainly no small investment , which is exactly why you need to choose wisely from the available lot. As we know, Kolkata is a third largest metropolitan city of India. The cost of living is much affordable in Kolkata than any other cities in India.

Review of Vastu plan by our Consultant

One of our client in Kolkata has spent over six months searching for their new home. We have provided them with some basic Vastu rules on which they should search for the new property. They have seen few homes and shortlisted based on the vastu checklist. A client wanted to strike a balance between connectivity & accessibility to the basic infrastructure with the strong Vastu presence. Therefore they started sending house plan via email before arriving at the final list of best Vastu plans. Most of all our clients have adopted this system before making a buying decision.

Vastu Consultant in Kolkata

Vastu Findings by our consultant:-

  • The shape of the house has an extension toward the northeast which indicates growth and success in life. Longer north-south size of the apartment makes it more positive as per vastu compared to the house having a larger east-west length.
  • Kitchen falls in the central eastern zone of the house which is acceptable subject to an internal arrangement as per Vastu.
  • Location of Master bedroom towards the south-west is yet another strong vastu location in the house.
  • Toilets with bathroom locations are in acceptable locations yet they need corrections for internal arrangements.
  • Larger windows in the south need Vastu corrections.


Vastu Consultant in Kolkata

Above layout of the apartment get a rating (grading) of  75%  based on vastu checklist.

Vastu grading indicates whether any place or home will enjoy favorable life or not.

Vastu suggestions:-

Balancing five elements of vastu :-

  1. Place water in the marble pot (cool zone ) along with 35 gram of silver in the north-east zone. Water element has a strong connection with the financial prosperity of the owner.
  2. One of the bed room falls in the south east zone of the house. A vastu painting has been suggested to calm the severe impact of fire element on person using this bed room.
  3. Earth element towards the  south west has been enhanced with the natural yellow jasper cubes.
  4. Energize wind element by using a aroma oils in the north west zone.
  5. Space element i.e. centre of the house. An octagonal pyramid has been installed in the  center.