Vastu Consultant in Mysore (Mysuru)

Vastu Consultant in Mysore

Vastu Consultant in Mysore 

Mysore (official name is Mysuru) city in Karnataka has topped the Swachh Bharat Rankings of 476 cities in the country.
One of our regular client has invited us for the vastu consultation to Mysore for the newly brought villa. It was a well planned residential project named Zuari Garden city. This project was well located near the Brindavan garden, a famous tourist sport attracting thousands of visitors per day.
We are putting some case studies of how vastu shastra consultation for the home or business place can help improve various life situations.


Vastu Consultant in Mysore – We always start our work with exact compass degree reading. Each layout indicates different situation & hence vastu recommendations can not be generalized. During our site visit consultation we analyse the energy flow pattern of entire surrounding layout as well as individual space. We found our clients home well balanced and pleasing to the eye. Physical dowsing through pendulum on various charts indicated a positive aura.

Vastu Findings:-

Vastu Consultant in Mysore 

Main door located at the east of south-east which is a neutral location
The inverter was placed in northeast zone is considered as a major vastu defect
The kitchen at the west is a Neutral location
Master bed at the south is the second best location
Children bed room at north east indicates academic success.


Above layout of the villa indicates happy & harmonious family life but it still needs improvement by aligning vastu forces.

Vastu suggestions:-

Balancing five elements of vastu:-

  1. Water in the marble pot has been suggested to be placed in the north-east zone. We have explained client the connection between water element & money.
  2. Fire element in the south-east has been activated by installing fire bowl. Nonexistence of fire element in the south-east zone can cause financial & health worries.
  3. Earth element at south-west has been enhanced with natural crystal rocks.
  4. Wind element is energized by hanging vastu wind chimes in the window.
  5. The space element i.e. center of the house. Crystal chandelier has been recommended at the ceiling at the center.

Vastu corrections:-

  1. Vastu defects related to the location of the toilet & its orientation has been rectified with vastu partition copper pyramids strips.
  2. The bedroom has also some part of the south-east zone (fire element) which has been balanced by using a bamboo painting. This was suggestion was made for the improvement of a better feeling.
  3. Natural amethyst crystal has been suggested on the desk of the child to improve academic performance.
  4. A medicine pyramid box has been suggested in the senior member’s room in the health zone to improve the effectiveness of the medicines.
  5. We have recommended mountain salt to purify the space frequently to avoid negative energies accumulating from time to time.
About Mysore (Mysuru) officially renamed as Mysuru, is the third most populous and the third largest city in the state of Karnataka India. Located in the foothills of the Chamundi hills about 146 km (91 mi) southwest of the state capital Bangalore, it is spread across an area of 128.42 km2 (50 sq mi). According to the provisional results of the 2011 national census of India, the population is 887,446. Mysore City Corporation is responsible for the civic administration of the city, which is also the headquarters of the Mysore district and the Mysore division. It has tourist attractions like Brindavan gardens, musical water fountains, Mysore Palace, chamundeshwari temple etc. Infosys & other major IT offices are located in Mysore. [wikipedia]

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