Vastu Consultant Surat, Consultation for Home in Surat (Residential vastu)

Vastu Consultant Surat

Vastu Consultant Surat

This 1800 square feet home was located in Surat, Gujarat. It was purchased with the basic Vastu Shastra principles in mind.

Vastu Findings | Vastu Consultant Surat:-

  • A huge terrace was provided by the builder towards the north. According to Vastu, it helps to increase in wealth. According to vastu,  open space towards the north and east bring abundance and success in all sector of life.
  • Location of the main door towards the north-east indicates growth and prosperity.
  • A perfect rectangular dining table shape assures family harmony and togetherness.
  • Extension of the house towards the south needs a strong Vastu correction.
  • The true location of the toilet in the south of the south-west zone will help in controlling unwanted expenditure in the house.
  • Sink in the kitchen towards the south needs relocation.
  • Southwest zone associated with a master of the house and has been kept exclusively for the owner of the house. Most important, it guarantees a love and harmony amongst the couple.

Vastu rectifications | Vastu Consultant Surat:-

  • We recommended the water body and temple in the northeast zone. It attracts tranquil vibrations for the home.
  • Improve the vibrations of the house by hanging a  crystal chandelier in the center of the house. Crystal chandeliers have that wonderful ability to engender the feeling of elegance and warmth in the space. If you wish to add an extra spark to your home design, consider adding chandeliers.
  • The owner was keen for installing marble flooring in the house which was objected by us. We suggested using ivory colored marbonite tiles.
  • The owner was facing health issues in his previous house. Because of this, health zone in the house has been enhanced by placing a copper metallic sun towards the east along with Surya Yantra.
  • Treat common toilet in the north zone with the Vastu brass helix to nullify its negative impact.
  • Extension of the house towards the south-east has been corrected by using a Vastu Copper helix, Vastu energy crystals and, also Vastu partition strips.
  • Finally, Divide the entire house into nine zones. Enhance each zone with vastu copper pyramids, zinc pyramid, brass pyramid and also lead pyramids based on the directions.

Nitien Parmar, Vastu Consultant Surat

About Surat:– Fastest growing Surat is a modern city located on the western part of India in the state of Gujarat. Surat is a hub to the diamond and textile industry. According to an estimate, Surat accounts for 90% of the world’s total rough diamond cutting and polishing. In textiles, Surat contributes 40 to 50 percent of the nation’s total man-made fabric production, 30 percent of the nation’s total man-made fiber production. Surat is now the fourth cleanest city in India and fourth fastest growing city in the world. Vesu, Adajan, VIP Road, Piplod, Dumas Road, Parley point and, also Nanpura are some of the popular residential locations in the Surat.

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