Onsite Vastu Consultation Jumeirah Dubai UAE for villa

palm jumeirah vastu dubaiDubai’s Jumeirah Islands is a wonderful and prestigious location with tranquil surroundings. This real estate project consists of various smaller sub-islands in the form of clusters. We have visited one of the beautiful villas from one of the clusters. It was owned by Indian family who has request us to provide onsite  Vastu Consultation in  Jumeirah. They were looking for  expert to  organize their  space based on Vastu system.

Vastu Shastra is a supreme system of house building.   It is ancient systems of architecture design and construction of building following a natural laws of universe. Vastu consider a dwelling to be a full of life force. There is a greater awareness now globally  that our physical environment does affect the quality of our life.

What Vastu can do for you?

We believe that if your own space is not truly aligned, probably you are not ready right now for better life.The harsh reality is that most homes fails to generate positive energy. Hence we recommend to spend time on nurturing your abode.


Vastu Consultant jumeirah 

vastu plot jumeirah dubaiThe plot was in the shape of Gau Mukhi ( cow shape) which is considered excellent as per Vastu. Such plot has potential to attract prosperity to the house owner. Also it stand to benefit more from a Vastu perspective.

House was placed in the north section of the plot. Due to this here was more open space or margin towards the south. Open space towards the south could impact on the health of the family, especially owner of the house. This is a major defect as per Vastu. Also excess margin towards the  south zone creates stressful environment in the house. 

Correction:-  Create a wall to cut off the excess margin towards the south. Alternatively you can also build a plant wall to reduce the negative impact.

The compound gate  was centrally located at the south zone, which is highly inauspicious. It requires relocation towards the positive zone. The front gate  brings life force to home  and is considered the “entry way to energy”. 

Correction:- Move the front gate towards the SSE (S3) zone. This will be in the  auspicious location  to attract huge prosperity and career growth.