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Vastu Consultant jumeirah

Dubai’s Jumeirah Islands is a wonderful location with tranquil surroundings. This real estate project consists of various smaller sub-islands in the form of clusters. We have visited one of the beautiful villas from one of the clusters owned by Indian family for the Vastu Consultant jumeirah .
Vastu plays a key role while setting up a new industrial unit. Location and planning of the industries
There has been a great industrial activity in the Orrisa (Odisha) nowadays due to the availability of natural resources in the state. The concept of vastu has gained wide acceptance in the industrial sector.


Vastu Consultant jumeirah 

The location of the house was more towards the north of the plot. Gate was centrally located at the south zone. This was a major defect according to vastu. The margin was more on south leaving south zone more open resulting in a stressful environment in the house. The plot was in the shape of Gau Mukhi ( cow shape) which is considered good as per vastu.


1. Swimming pool in the villa was located in the north-west part of the house which we have advised to shift towards the northeast zone. The owner was fortunate to get his swimming pool shifted towards the north-east. According to vastu, the water body in the northeast corner improves prosperity & flow of life. In our modern day world, we are cut-off from naturally flowing water. Lake, water pond and tanks enhance the flow of energy in the surrounding
2. When the house has missing corners, it implies that the certain imbalance is happening in this house. Missing the Northeast corner falls under the “major vastu defect” category. Here we have offered some traditional vastu cures for the missing corners. We have advised vastu paintings, vastu metallic cures for the quick corrections for missing space.
3. Location of the kitchen at west falls under type-2 defect. Kitchen in the house is very important since it nourishes and sustains life. We have suggested alternate fire element at the south-east corner of the house to strengthen the fire corner. We also used certain shape and objects to boost the fire element.
4. Southwest zone which is extended was rectified by using “Lead Metal Pyramid” as well as raising the floor level of the room. Like missing corner, extended corner also needs a proper cure.
5. Branhmasthan (Centre of the house) was occupied by the staircase. Virtual shifting copper arrows, weight balancers, and energy partitions are applied to activate blocked energy in the center of the house.
Locations of the Bedrooms, Prayer room and study room at the upper floor were organized based on the functions & directions of the room.
Vastu is all about the balance. Any missing corner, extended corner or polluted corner can be easily rectified with the vastu instruments under the guidance of vastu expert.

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