Vastu Guidelines for Mud Room & Flex Room for Modern Homes (American Homes)

Vastu Guidelines for Mud Room & Flex Room for Modern Homes (American Homes)

Vastu Guidelines for Mud Room

Many American houses have a mudroom. A mudroom which is a small room near the entrance where footwear and outer clothes are removed before entering the house. (Wikipedia).
Since this is nearer to the entryway, it should be well organized and nicely decorated.
Vastu Shastra – a space healing science offers a simple and effective suggestion to brings positive vibes and helps you protecting from any negative impact.
Main Door facing north can have a mud room in north-west zone.
Main door facing east can have a mud room in south-east zone.
Main door facing south can have a mud room in the south zone.
Main door facing west can have a mud room in north-west zone.
mud room Vastu Remedies

Do and Don’t about the mudroom

Mud room should not generate clutter over a period of time. A bright flooring tile will help in the quick cleaning of a visible dirt.
Avoid keeping any religious idols, frames in this zone.
Old shoes and coats which were not used since many years should not be stocked here.
Keep some good aroma freshener in this area.

Vastu Guidelines for Flex Room

flex room vastuA flex room is used for multiple activities. It can be used for home office, studies or meditation. Flex room offers easy modification or change according to the family requirements. Its layout can have a good design according to modern home
Flex room is now most popular with today’s home buyers.
Ideally, the best location of flex room will be in the north-east zone of your house. This is a most tranquil direction according to vastu shastra arrangements. A second best option to place a flex room will be in the north-west section of your house.
A brown wall furniture with bright flooring would be an ideal interior in this room.

Do and Don’t about the flex room
Use a bamboo flooring in this room to enhance the cool vibrations in this zone.
A beautiful wooden wind chime in this area adds a tranquility in the flex room.
Painting of nature, birds, guru, and yantra can be placed in this room.
Orange, white or silver are the most suitable colors in the flex room
A property with a good layout of mud room & flex room according to the desired directions improves the vibrations in & around the home.

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