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Clear Negative Vibes from your premises

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Why you need energy scanning?
Feel like you’ve picked up some bad vibes lately? Whether it’s due to exposure from a negative environment . This may be due to serious vastu defects in your premises. Cleaning your aura is essential for spiritual hygiene. By cleaning your polluted vibes with energy healing, you protect yourself against the bad luck and frequent illness.

Impact of Bad vibes/ Aura:-
Poor Luck
Obstacles in business & Career
Unstable relationship
Hyper children
Lack of concentration
Poor Academic growth
Lack of support from friends & relatives
Simple ways to clear the negative vibes from your location.

Step 1:-
Send us the images of your premises i.e. main door, living area, Kitchen, Bed rooms, wash rooms, study room etc . in case of house energy scan.
For business locations, send us images of entrance, reception, staff zone, owners cabin, pantry, wash rooms, meeting room etc.
You can send us about 10 images for energy scan.

Step 2:-
On receipt of the images, we will scan the energy thru scanner software and send you a brief report about the energy of the site, corrections required to bring energy in to positive state. Our recommendation for correction will be in form of installation of crystals, yantras, metal & space clearing. Our energy Scan report will shows you the exact state of your aura in your location. Life force energy which was blocked or reduced can be improved in positive way. Stress level or disharmony in the house can be corrected once the energy healing procedure is followed according to the report.

Stage 3:-
After 3 week, you need to send us the images of same locations, which you have sent in stage -1. Positively, after energy clearance- vibrations are more supportive.

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