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Vastu Shastra for Farm House & agriculture land

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A farmhouse is a place where one goes to rest and unwind. Some farm house are used for commercial cultivation of crops. There are principles of Vastu shastra applicable to a farmhouse & agriculture land which makes a space more positive, comforting and enjoyable.

Seeds placed overnight under the Jumbo copper pyramid before sowing a seeds in the farm gives good yeild.

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Important points to be considered while following Vastu shastra for Farm House & agriculture land :-

Size and shape of the Land
Surrounding of the plot i.e. Road, River, Mountain, Religious place etc
Location of Main Gate to the farm house
Direction and location of farm house Entrance
Location of borewell, pond etc
Location of Servant quaters
Parking & Garage
Septik Tank
Roof Slope
Overhead Tank
Flow of Water
Water cannel
Location of power station
Location of storeroom for agro produce
Shape and elevation of the farm house
Plantations area
Internal arrangements in the farm house like kitchen, dining, bed room, wash rooms etc
Colours for interior & exterior
Direction of lower/higher zone
Boundary/fence wall heights

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