Fire Element in Vastu Shastra

fire element vastu

Fire Element in Vastu Shastra

The sun is the most vital source of energy and light. It is difficult to imagine life on earth without it. The sun’s rays can be split into seven plus two colors. Beginning from the very beneficial ultra-violet rays in the eastern side corresponding to north-east, the sun’s rays further split into violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red (VIBGYOR) and intra-red in the south-east. The direction that lies midway between the east and the south is known as Agneya (south-east). Agni (fire) is the lord of this direction.

The following are the important bullet points about fire placement in the house:-

Fire in the southeast or northwest:

kitchen-fire-vastuFire represents high energy and passion as per Vastu. At home, it supports life energy. Fire is a dominant element of Vastu. the kitchen of the house should occupy a place in this direction.   A warm agneya direction makes a man healthy, whereas a faulty use makes the owner short-tempered.

The southeast is the home of the fire element, and the northwest is the home of the air element. Due to these two elements being interconnected, place fire features only in the southeast or northwest of any room, building, or property. This includes kitchens, stoves, fireplaces, open flames, and outdoor cooking features.

Vastu recommends a canteen, main electric switch, computer station, or server at the south-east location of the office of professionals, corporate, large, and small business enterprises.

Fire in the northeast or southwest: