Vastu for Bungalow | Villa 

vastu for bungalow villaGood Vastu layout has a significant impact on lifestyle and health. Designing a pleasant and well-balanced environment and properly organizing living space according to Vastu will attract good luck, prosperity, and health. The essence of Vastu is the creation of harmony and a dynamic balance between your inner space and your exterior space.
In the apartment, the land is shared by multiple owners, but in case of an independent bungalow or villa, you are directly connected to the earth which is a prominent element of Vastu Shastra. Hence Bungalow dwellers have more control over the major Vastu elements than the apartment owners.

How does one go about planning a Villa or Bungalow construction according to Vastu Shastra?

Vastu is an ultimate guide before starting construction for your dream home. A good plan makes things easier on everyone — and ensures that a person will get the house of his dream. Important placement like the main door, bedrooms, kitchen, study area, wardrobes,  prayer area, guest room, store, washroom, etc. can be planned to accommodate maximum Vastu requirements. 

Important Points To Be Considered While Following Vastu For Bungalow or Villa :-