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Your offices is about your vision, about your legacy. At a time when more and more employers are looking at ways to promote a healthy & energetic workforce, to maximize productivity and reduce absenteeism and long-term sickness, it is no surprise that Vastu Shastra is becoming the new secret weapon of the corporate world. Vastu Shastra is the practice of analyzing and influencing the interaction between people, premises and the environment in order to enhance the quality of product or services. Building should be designed and oriented as per Vastu for corporate building  including all internal arrangements. Such premises are automatically tuned for greater success and long term reputation. Purpose of vastu energy is to support your business by creating healthy and comfortable workstations and developing an efficient flow of interaction between and among employees, customers, vendors, and guests.In addition to company strategies, management skill and human resources, they firmly believed in contribution of vastu.

Benefits of Vastu  for Corporate Office

  • Well-balanced working environment maximizes the potential for success.
  • It supports the goals of the business and increases effectiveness and level of creativity with minimum effort and less stress.
  • Enhancing the potential success of the company has implications for the individual staff members and their own aims and aspirations.
  • Redirects the hidden energies in the workplace so that they are acting to further a company’s goals. 
  • It can generate good revenue from very beginning, incase of new business.
  • There could be profitable business association.
  • This can prevent decision fatigue.
  • It makes people in office more creative, talented, capable and brilliant.
  • There will be windfall profit at work.
  • Positive surrounding will help them to cut off  from the toxic people.

Impact of Negative Vastu

  • Repeated failures in business.
  • You might receive unproductive and damaging feedback from customers.
  • Difficult co-workers and office gossip can drain your energy.
  • Some people take credit of  hard working employees . 
  • Negative space makes people drained. Tired brain can’t generate fresh ideas. Survey of 1000 people reveals that 50% found to be working  in toxic place.
  • It leaves many with  feeling of exhausted, stressed and burned out.

Plan Review

The very best time to incorporate Vaastu principles into your site is at the time of selecting a plot or at pre-construction phase. Whether you’re building a new site or considering a renovation of your current space, an architectural plan review can save you time, money, and aggravation. Sometime, Architectural plans (pre-vastu) that look great on paper often create environments that do not serve the needs of the business harmony.

Some important consideration for vastu energy:-

Landscape and your own premises can tell you a lot about the energy and vibrancy of an area. Buildings are constructed out of hard steel or concrete, which brings a sense of ‘hardness’ to any environment, while the immediate landscape offers a medium to balance the vibrations. By becoming aware of your surroundings, you will backdrop to create a harmonic balance in your premises. Positive energy needs to enter in order to provide your business with growth and prosperity.

The main door is the entrance to new clients, new business and profitability. The main door should always be in a positive direction to get maximum advantage of the vastu energy.

The shape of the “plot” shows the strength of the premises. Is premises in rectangular or square shape ?  Is there any section or sector missing? E.g., Missing northwest – representing element –wind (Vayu) and marketing section in this business will be struggling for achieving the desired targets.

For meetings with clients, employees and in boardrooms, use a square or rectangular table. These shapes according to vastu are conducive to negotiating, sales, problem-solving and conducting result oriented & productive meetings. Owners & seniors need to be “in charge” when sitting at this table, be sure to sit in the power position.

Working   Zone

corporate office vastuThis is a place where lots of time people spend during the day. Long working hours, stress and limited physical activities impacts on job satisfaction. A few changes in your space can really make a big difference in energy of your business location.  Keep in mind that offices also have an energy signature and reflect the persons who work there.

Location of the cabin, as well as the best position to face for the CEO or Director, should be carefully planned. Location of power position for key executives gives a much of greater degree of true command over your workforce.It has been seen much time that employees zone has been put to CEO zone, where they become more dominant & owner has to depend more on them.

Orientation of desk affects the performance. Correct desk position will help employees to focus more on their prime duties to complete the important task. Research shows that brain is very sensitive to orientations. Due to this people at work  have reported superb performance in their work.

Wall decor

Art work are divine connections. Art and wall decor can be used to encourage focus and productivity. Motivational pictures showing success, teamwork and winning attitude are recommended in the working environment. Family pictures in an office can be very distracting, so not recommended in the working area. Picture showing endless road or depth representing endless opportunities is great art to display on the wall towards suggested directions. Small picture frames on the desk is an easy way to decorate individual cubicle.


According to Vastu Shastra, each color symbolizes a different element ( fire, earth, water, Wind & Space). The colors of your office space, business logo, marketing materials & business card will affect the success of your business. If you pick the right colors to represent your business, you have more success. A choice of colors depends on the type of your business. For example, the color green or blue is very calming. So if your business is related to pharmaceuticals, these colors are highly recommended. You may incorporate these colors in your logo and on any communications, you mail out. To decide which colors to use, spend some time thinking about the true nature of your business. When you decide on what the “essence” of your business is, you must pick a corresponding colour to enhance the right vastu element. High-tech electronic multi-tasking offices can be balanced with mild green on the walls and wood furnishings.
Vastu Shastra for corporate office is a beneficial tool for corporates and small business owners who value their employees, know the high cost of employee hiring & their performance. Ideal vastu layout brings powerful positive energy resulting in increased productivity, fewer sick days, happier employees and reduced stress.

It makes no difference if you are working from  home or from your own office within a building or whether you have a large office. The reason being is that the Vastu principles can be applied macroscopically and microscopically.

Important points to be considered while following Vastu for corporate office or private offices

1. Shape of the plot, Building and offices
2. Main Entrance of the site
3. Door View
4. Location of the Master Cabin, CEO and a key staff
5. Place of Financial department
6. Staff placement & orientations
7. Location & arrangements of conference room
8. Direction of the Owner/Staff
9. Direction of the Marketing activities/Display
10. Colors for interior & exterior of the office
11. Direction of the AC, Electrical mains, Coolers etc
12. Direction of Pantry, Canteen
13. Placement of Toilets
14. Direction of windows
15. Location of Higher zone/lower zone
16. Location of Dry zone/Wet zone
17. Placement of various office gadgets like computer, fax, Server etc

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