Vastu  for Factory


Day by day demand for Vastu Shastra is increasing in the business world. Creating a harmonious environment is just as important in your business as it is in your home. Studies prove that when the work environment is optimized, productivity increases by 30%. By utilizing various techniques of  Vastu for Factory, it can improve workers’ morale, customer satisfaction, and overall success in business.

When to Apply Vastu for Factory?

1. At the time of planning a new project
2. Restructuring the existing manufacturing unit
3. If you are finding a difficulty in production, employee harmony or quality issue at your unit

Benefits of positive Vastu in industries

1. More production
2. Harmony amongst workers
3. Better R & D development
4. More turnover
5. Better quality of products
6. Better growth


Impact of Bad vastu

1. A frequent breakdown in machinery
2. Quality issues
3. Difficulties in the development of new products
4. Disputes and  quarrels
5. Rejections of product sold
6. Lower industrial production, Progress on halt