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Vastu Shastra for Guest BedRoom

Vastu shastra can help you to creates a wonderful guest room in easy way. It ensures joyful and short stay of the guest at your house.
1. Ideal room for the guest should be at north-west zone of the house. This zone belongs to wind element and ensures a short stay for the guest
2. Guest bed room should never be in south west zone of the house. This indicates longer or permanent stay of the guest
3. Use light blue or white colour in the guest room
4. Location of the bed should be placed in such a way that the head while sleeping remains towards the west.
5. Do place a paintings and pictures showing movement like racing bikes, running horses, flying birds on the wall of guest bed room.
6. Placing of wind chimes in the window of guest bed room in west or north west window will enhance the wind element of this room

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