Vastu for Home – Villa or Apartment

vastu for homeLiving a joyful and satisfied life is possible only when the space you live has positive vibes. Good Vastu Layout has a significant impact on Lifestyle and Health. Designing a pleasant and well-balanced environment generates a positive flow in the Vastu house.  Properly organizing living space, according to vastu will attract good luck, prosperity, and health. The essence of vastu is the creation of harmony and a dynamic balance between your inner as well as your exterior space. Vastu for home planning needs balacing of five key Vastu elements.

In the apartment, the land is shared by multiple owners, but in case of an independent bungalow or villa, you are directly connected to the earth. It is a most prominent element of Vastu Shastra. Hence Bungalow dwellers have more control over the significant Vaastu elements than the apartment owners.

If your life is far from abundance and wonderful feeling, then you are staying in a house that may have some serious Vastu defects.

Can Vastu defect be corrected?

vastu for houseA Vastu defect can be corrected through the changes in the rooms, through the interiors of the house, by applying harmony colours, by changing the placements, by using regulators and, also applying various remedies.  Vaastu offers numerous ways to better your life path without making any huge expenditure. Every vaastu defect has some kind of remedy. Hence if taken properly, the happiness and peace come back in life again. It brings rapid shift in person’s life.

Vastu helps you to converts the living  spaces in a particular order that sets an equation between cosmic energies and the people living  in the premises. A person observes physical, spiritual and, also material well being. It creates a rhythm and balance in the atmosphere to ensure a better life.

Does Vastu affect tenants?

A physical environment of house affects continuously in all sectors of your life.  Vastu defective premises has a high turnover of tenants. Tenants do not have liberty to do drastically changes in the home to follow vastu rules. Impact of bad vastu is also severe on the tenant of the property. Using effective and relevant remedies attracts good fortune resulting in to more interesting life.

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Key locations to be considered while following Vastu for home & drawing a Vastu Plan:-

  • Location of the Main Entrance – Auspicious front door as per Vastu brings success, more prosperity and, also enhances good luck as per Vastu for homeowner.
  • Location of the prayer zone – True location brings Peace, Harmony and, also tranquillity in the home.
  • Surrounding of the home – External environment could impact the house owner’s fate.
  • The shape of the House as per Vaastu – Irregular shape creates serious  faults.
  • Location of the Living Room, Family room, Master Bedroom, Kids Bedroom as well as the Guest room.
  • Location of the kitchen according to Vastu and also  its internal arrangement – Correct location brings an abundance of wealth, health, and, also prosperity.
  • Placements of Electronic gadgets like Computer, TV, Heaters etc
  • The direction of the Toilets – Health may suffer because of incorrect placement of washrooms.
  • Colors for the Interior – Go for a combination of vibrant, cool, harmonious and, also energetic colors.
  • The direction of Lower as well as  higher zone.
  • The internal arrangement of Each and every room.
  • Location of the staircase in case of an Independent home.
  • Garden & plantation. Plants are as important as other accessories in the space.
  • The shape of the furniture as well as types of material used in the furniture.
  • Paintings  & home decor. Artwork or paintings can do wonders for mental health and well being. Many artworks can be relaxing and distressing. Paintings and artwork serve the purpose of beauty and hence improves the home decor.
  • Missing Corner / Corner Cuts & Extended Corners.
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Important suggestions according to Vastu for home


  • The main door is the mouth of positive energy and opportunities. It should always be located in the most auspicious direction. Do a strong Vastu correction, if it has a negative location. Many people ignore this important thing and suffer bad luck for many years.
  • Correcting the main door’s Vastu defect protects your house from frequent illness, money crises, and also disharmony.
  •  Avoid arched door which disturbs positive energy patterns.

Living Room, Dining and Prayer area

  • A brahmasthan (