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Vastu Shastra for Shop / Showroom

If you are remodeling or just opening a new showroom or shop and want to ensure success, you need to explore vastu shastra ideas for your store / Shop / Showroom. Customer footfall is very important for success of shop or showroom. Retailers spends a lots of time and money to delight their customers. Success of any shop or showroom depends upon the foot fall i.e. the number of people visiting a shop. It is an indicator of how successfully a marketing and brand brings a people into its shop.Repeat purchases by the buyer is an indication of customer satisfaction. Good layout according to vastu has a huge potential to improve retail business. A poor layout makes retailer struggling to turn high footfall in to sales. Entrance in main direction i.e. north, east ,west or south are better than corner direction i.e. northeast, south east, north west and south west.To keep your existing customer and attract new ones, you need to update your display,  colours and arrangements in harmonious ways. Goal of every business is to make customer repeat their purchases.

Important points to be considered while following Vastu shastra for Showroom or shop :-

Proper location of the showroom/shop in the Building / Commercial Complex / Malls / Shopping Center
The exteriors of the office like shape, slope, height, water level
The direction of the Entrance of Shop / Showroom
Display area of the products
Direction of Storage of the products
The direction & placement of the windows
The location of the Beams / Pillars
The location of the basement
The location of the Trial Room & internal mirrors
The direction & placement of Temple / Mandir
The direction & placement of the cashier / cash collector
The direction & placement of the employees / Marketing Staff / Technical Staff
The direction & placement of the Owner / CEO / Director / Partners Cabin
The direction & placement of the goods or finished products for sale
The direction & placement of the Safe / Locker / Cash Box
The direction & placement of the stairs
The direction & placement of AC, Cooler, Audio Systems
The direction & placement of the electronic equipments like Computer, Printer, Phone
The direction & placement of the Pantry / kitchen / Canteens / Gas Stove / Microwave / Water Purifier
The direction & placement of the toilets
The direction & placement of the water products
The direction & placement of the Plants
Colours to use in shop / showroom
Consider Shape of the showroom – Gaumukhi or Singmukhi or irregullar or Rectangular or Square Shape
Enhacing thee shop vastu energy by using various vastu enhancers & symbols
Above are the few suggestions & tips on vastu for shop showroom (shop vastu shastra)

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