Vastu Shastra for Shop/Showroom

vastu for shop showroom

Are you planning for new shop or showroom or remodel your outlet?

If you are remodeling or just opening a new showroom or shop and want to ensure success, you need to explore vastu shastra ideas for your store / Shop / Showroom. Customer footfall is very important for the success of shop or showroom. As a retailers, you are spending lot of time and money to delight your customers. The success of any shop or showroom depends upon the footfall i.e. the number of people visiting a shop. It is an indicator of how successfully a marketing and brand brings a people into its shop. Most important, repeat purchases by the buyer is an indication of customer satisfaction.


Good Vastu Layout for your retail outlet

Good layout according to vastu has a huge potential to improve retail business. A poor layout makes retailer struggling to turn high footfall into sales. Entrance in the main directions i.e. north, east, west or south are better than corner directions i.e. northeast, south-east, north-west, and south-west. To keep your existing customer and attract new ones, you need to update your display,  colors, and arrangements in harmonious ways. The goal of every business is to make customer to repeat their purchases.

Benefits of Good Vastu in Shop or Showroom

  • Customers have a pleasant experience once they step inside.
  • Enjoyable browsing experience.
  • Buyer will spend more time as well as money at the outlet.
  • Positive reinforcement of brand in customer mind.
  • It draws more customers with repeat purchases.
  • Enhances success as well as prosperity for retail business.
  • Good vastu layout along with harmonious interior design works as a silent salesman.
  • When showroom or shop design differentiates from others in the industry, it can create a competitive advantage.

Important points to be considered while following Vastu shastra for Showroom or shop: