Vastu Shastra Guidelines for Vehicle Parking

Vastu Shastra guidelines for vehicle parking

Vastu Shastra guidelines for vehicle parking

Vehicles are of great importance in today’s world. The Personal vehicle is looked after as a family member. Therefore a lot of expenditure is incurred on the maintenance and beautification of cars/bikes.

In some countries, it is the practice to give a personal name to their vehicles. It has great value in terms of utility. Vehicles are like mini-homes for the owners.

The Vehicle being an important medium of transport, some rules of Vastu can also be applied in parking. Following such rules, one derives the maximum benefit of Vastu science. In metro cities, it may be difficult to park the vehicles in the desired direction but it is possible to choose any positive prime direction, i.e. east or north.

Vastu Shastra guidelines for vehicle parking

1. Parking should be towards the North West location of the plot or building. This rule is applied where the vehicles is parked for a maximum period of time.
2. Park vehicles facing positive directions either east or north.
3. Avoid parking towards the south-west. Due to this, a vehicle remains in the garage for a longer period, or it will require frequent repairs. In short the vehicle will not be useful for the owner.
4. Also, avoid parking facing south. The South facing Car/Bike does not help user in positive way. User may feel his/her target or work is not going in a positive direction.


5. Most important, business people should park their vehicle facing North. This will help them in getting a better deal in business. People in job should park their vehicles facing east. This will improve their intelligence and skill to work better in their workplace. If parking is done facing west of Northwest corner, there will be too much traveling for owner of vehicles. Whenever you have an important project or business deal, park your vehicles facing north or east on the previous night.
6. Provide slope of the parking shed roof towards east or north.
7. Provide slope of the floor in the parking area towards east or north.
8. Keep car pyramid (vehicle protection yantra) on car dashboard for protection.