Vastu Case Study, House renovation at Bhilad, Gujarat

/Vastu Case Study, House renovation at Bhilad, Gujarat
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Your home creates your future. Life is supposed to be joyful!. When you are having a fun,you feel great and you are blessed with great things. Your destiny is in your hands & a place you live will decide your life. Recently we have visited a house in Bhilad (Sarigam, Gujarat) referred by our Mumbai client. A house was under the renovation and owner   was receiving some recommendations from friends about the various vastu arrangements. He decided to seek an expert opinion as few life challenges in life should not continue after a renovation of the house.

Key findings & effects:-

  • Main entrance to the house was in the auspicious zone. The entry is the most important element not to be ignored in house. The positive main door can improve the owner’s fortune.
  • Kitchen in the north zone ( a money zone) falls under the “Major vastu Defect” category. A person should be extra careful of this arrangement as it creates financial instability.
  • A shape of the bed room shows a missing north east corner. It could impact on the financial stability of the house owner. Square or rectangular are considered most stable and grounded shapes.
  • A children bed room in the south-east zone falls under the “fire element” zone. This will cause children to become a disobedient, angry & short tempered.
  • Anti-clock movement of the main door should be changed.
  • A prayer area in the north east zone (tranquility space) has been placed correctly as per vastu principles.
  • A length of the house was more in north to south compared to east to west, which is considered good as per Vastu.

Rectifications & recommendations for renovation:-

  • A main door should be the biggest door compared to the other doors inside the house. There was a feng shui pakua mirror on the door of opposite house. This is highly bad arraignment as killing energy of the other house may reflect back to the house under the consultation. We recommended a door protection symbol on the entrance facing the object. An asthmangal should also be placed to make house more auspicious for the occupant.
  • A wind bell (vastu element-wind) has been recommended on window of the living area, as entrance was directly facing a window.
  • A bed room has been made in rectangular shape by making a separate room for the walk in wardrobe. Alternate Vastu partition strip has been installed in the flooring for making space virtually rectangular in shape.
  • A flooring of the bed room has been raised so the south west become more heavy and higher compared to other rooms. A vastu squares cubical crystals has been installed in the flooring to further enhance the earth element of the south west zone.
  • A copper sun with surya yantra has been recommended as house does not have any windows on the east wall. According to vastu, a large window brings auspicious energy to the house.
  • A chidren room has been realigned by putting a green bamboo painting on the east wall. This room being in fire zone, colors like pistachio green and lemon yellow has been introduced to balance the energy flow.
  • A kitchen has following remedies:-

    1. Install vastu copper bricks on four walls of the kitchen
    2. Keep labradorite tumbled stone in the bowl near the stove for harmony
    3. Use bright colour like off white, ivory and silver colour in the kitchen
    4. Keep all storage on west wall of the kitchen

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