Vastu for Master Bedroom

Vastu for Master BedRoom

Vastu arrangement of the master bedroom has a huge effect on the harmony of the home, so from the vastu perspective, one needs to arrange this room very perfectly. Do not neglect the Vastu arrangement of the master bedroom.

  • Master Bedroom bedroom should be in the square or rectangular shape.
  • Master bedroom should be as large as possible than the other room.
  • This bedroom should ideally be located in the south-west corner of the house. This will help master of the house to have a harmony in the house.
  • Sleep with solid behind the bed-headboard.
  • Paint wall with a beautiful color that is restful, soothing and comforting
  • Make sure that the artwork in the master bedroom is inspiring. Avoid painting with sad mood or loneliness.
  • Sometimes people think that just because something is out of sight that it doesn’t affect them. Do not keep unwanted stuff under the bed which is not used for a long time.

Do & Don’t

  • The bedroom should not be located directly over the kitchen or garage.
  • The bedroom should not have a toilet on the upper floor.
  • Do not place bed directly facing the door.
  • Do not sleep with the door behind the headboard.
  • Avoid electronics in the bedroom. They create an electro-stress.
  • Avoid metal bed which causes a sleep disorder. A wooden bed is always good.
  • Never place your bed under the overhead beam. This may cause a serious bad luck.
  • The mirror should never reflect the bed
  • The bedroom should not be located directly over the garage, kitchen, store room and staircase that directly confronts the bedroom door.


  • Master bedroom at south-east corner creates disharmony amongst the couple.
  • Master bedroom at north-east corner results into a stressful life.
  • Location of the Master bedroom at north-west may result in too frequent traveling.

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