Vastu Planning for House at Oberoi Esquire, Goregaon

Vastu teaches you how to balance your internal environment with an external environment so that harmonious energy will work for you to achieve balance in life.  A client invited us to inspect a recently purchased exclusive premium apartment at Oberoi Esquire in Goregaon, Mumbai.

Buildings are an extension of the earth. When we are in harmony with nature, our life is more blissful. We are receiving numerous inquiries on selecting the best home from the various residential project.

The secret of the universe is found in energy, frequency, and vibrations. These are again channelized through five elements of Vastu Shastra. Vastu is for those who are ready and willing to change. For them, Vastu is a powerful companion on a path to good fortune and fulfillment.

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Vastu Findings

  • The house has an extension towards the North-East. According to research, extended north-east brings abundance in wealth and prosperity. As a result, the owner of such a house makes a huge success in life.
  • Master Bedroom towards the South-west direction is a strong location. The south-west bedroom gives benefits of strength and stability in life.
  • The bed with headboard towards the north in the North-west bedroom needs relocation.
  • The seating arrangement in the living room is positive as per Vastu.
  • The dining table has been placed correctly as per Vastu.

Vastu deficiencies

  • The location of the kitchen in the Northeast zone needs a strong remedy.
  • The kitchen in the north-east means sickness and stress in the house.
  • There is a missing north zone. This may create some obstacles in the money flow.
  • The door is opening anti-clockwise indicates a reverse flow of energy.
  • Toilet pots facing east /west need relocation or corrections.

Vastu Suggestions

  • Located all beds with head towards the south or east in the house. Do not miss the article on the Best sleeping direction as per Vastu.
  • Place mirror on the North or east wall without reflecting a bed, toilet door, or front entrance.
  • Install earth square crystal cubes under the flooring of the Master bedroom.
  • Place aromatic plants in the north-west window of the bedroom (place of wind element). It improves relationships with all people in your network.
  • Make a study desk on the north or east wall. It helps in improving the academic performance of kids. Avoid sharing a toilet wall with a study desk.
  • Use dark curtains on windows towards the south as well as southwest.

Vastu remedies

  • Make door opening clockwise. Decorate the main door with a pair of wooden elephants to attract auspicious energy into the house.The front entrance helps in nourishing the incoming good energy.
  • Install Vastu bricks on all four walls of the kitchen to correct Vastu defects. Also, place kitchen crystal near the stove.
  • Display big painting of endless path on the north wall for missing zone correction.
  • Install earth crystals in the south-west corner.
  • Install Vastu space harmonizer in center of the house to align the five elements in the house.
  • In the prosperity corner, we recommended him a Kamdhenu Cow (SEE) along with red fire crystals to activate a fire element.
  • Keep sun made in brass on the east wall (east-solar energy blocked)

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