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Pooja Room Vastu

Every house has a different zone used for different purposes. One of the important areas in any home is a zone of tranquility which is known as a  temple or pooja room. According to Vastu, this zone is best suitable for a pooja (prayer) room or home temple. This is a place that brings us closer to our Creator. It can be considered lifting one’s mind and heart to God. Here we can talk to God about the everyday things of human life, about our joys and sorrows, our needs and wants, our disappointments, and pleasures. Prayer and how an individual prays is often shaped by religious beliefs. But one does not have to belong to a specific religion to pray.

Personalize your space

Create a alter or shrine dedicated space away from the hustle of modern life, where you can meditate, pray, or surrender to the supreme god.  When this space is personalized, this space provides you with a focus for your energy to let the stress of everyday life slip away.

Importance of Pooja Room Vastu| Puja | Prayer room as per Vishwakarma Prakash

Place worship or the puja room in the northeast corner “Vishwakarma Prakash Chapter -2, Sloka 94”

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The best time for the prayer can be during early morning or evening, a thank you for a good day, for the warmth of the sun, for the love of friends who support and assist us even on our bad or difficult days. This is a space where human-made problems are left behind like a wet umbrella at the door. Set a small altar on the east wall of the North-east zone, if you do not have the space to allocate an entire room for pooja.

Consider the following questions

  • Where do you place worship space? (Direction)
  • What does your prayer space look like? (Interior)
  • What accessories help you in your prayer room? (tools for prayer)
  • When do you pray? (Prayer time)

Space and place within which we pray matters. According to Sarah Starr, a writer and life coach “This space serve as a daily reminder to connect with yourself and with the divine.”

Important things about a Prayer Room | Pooja Room Vastu

Do & Don’t of Pooja Room Vastu

  • Position the images or idols of Deity or god in such a way that the devotee faces east while making a prayer. West is another alternate location for the prayer area.
  • Never place too many idols of deities in the temple. Immerse the rest in flowing water.
  • Place marble or copper pot containing water in the northeast direction of the temple. Change this water daily. You can also place a water pyramid near the temple for enhancing the water element of the north-east zone.
  •  Place light or Diya in the south-east corner of the pooja room.
  •  Avoid keeping photographs (pictures) of the dead/ancestors in the prayer zone.
  •  Keep this area neat, clean, and also, clutter-free. Space of worship should be invoked simplicity and cleanliness.
  •  Use this room or zone strictly used for prayer and meditation purposes only.
  •  Due to the shortage of space, some people keep the temple in a bedroom or kitchen. Keep a small curtain in the front while not using a prayer room.
  • Avoid overcrowding your prayer room. Stick to necessity only to keep this space sacred.

Few More important tips for Pooja Room Vaastu

  • Temple should not share the wall having a toilet on the other side (behind it).
  • Temple should not be placed below a toilet located on the upper floor.
  • Do not place worship or pooja room and toilet facing each other.
  • Make a temple made of wood or marble. Avoid temples made in glass or metal.
  • The design of the temple (Mandir) should be inviting and very attractive.
  • It is auspicious to keep Crystal Kalash, right-hand Shankh, Shree Yantra, or Crystal Shankha in the prayer room.
  • Invite the entire family to check out this space on a daily basis. Remember the popular phrase “The family that prays together stays together“.
  • Use colors of tranquility like white, orange, or silver which enhance the space for meditation. These colors are uplifting and energizing.

Key points- Prayers are blessings to your house

  • You need to take time out of your day to reflect, meditate, and pray. Even spending a few minutes in the prayer zone will bring inner strength to carry you through the high and low in your life.
  • When you create a prayer space in your house, you are reminding of God’s presence at all the time. 
  • Like home, there should also be a prayer space in offices, factories, schools, hospitals, and, also hotels.
  • In the prayer room, our burden becomes lighter, and we can be touched by the hands of the spirit.
  • Honor your tranquil zone by making your presence there regularly.

Arranging the home worship area in a correct way helps you to derive maximum spiritual benefits to the entire family. Do not ignore the importance of the prayer zone. Redo your prayer corner if not in a good shape.

Remember ” We are an earthly tenant of God’s property.”

Consultation with Team Vastuplus™

Consultation Step 1
  • Your initial consultation is to write about your space.
  • We will then explain how we work and what you should expect from your Vastu analysis or planning. We will then follow you up by phone a few days later to see if you would like to go ahead.
Consultation Step 2
If you decide to go ahead for the Vastu consultation…… We will ask you to provide:

  • The Floor plan of your premises with the direction.
  • Details on the surrounding of the space.
  • The existing plan, in case of renovations or extensions of the current premises.
Consultation Step 3
  • Our team will visit your premises. Our team will assess the space and its surroundings.
  • We will take an accurate compass reading.  Also, we will survey each and every room or department.
  • We will take a note of all placements, in case of the existing place.
  • We will ask for your requirements and concerns about the premises.
  • This Consultation can take about  2 to 3 hours based on the size of the premises.
Consultation Step 4
  • Reading and analysis of the sites will be explained to you in our detailed report.
  • Our report will cover layout, recommendations, suggestions, charts, graphs, tables, and pictures in detail.
  • A Vastu report is sent through courier or emailed within 3 days of the receipt of all information and consultation fees.
Consultation Step 5
  • A Follow-up Consultation will be arranged with you after sending a report. Our team follow-up by phone or emails after a period of two months to know about the implementation of our suggestions and recommendations.
  • Free follow-up Consultations by email or skype.

Contact us today to schedule your on-site or off-site consultation and quickly understand how Vastu can dramatically improve your home and your life.

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