Prayer Room or Pooja room , temple as per Vastu

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Prayer | Pooja | Puja Room, Temple as per Vastu

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Every house has a different zone used for different purpose. One of the important area in any home is a zone of tranquility which is know as a  temple or pooja room. According to vastu, this zone is best suitable for pooja (prayer) room or home temple. This is a place that brings us closer to a our Creator. It can be considered lifting ones mind and heart to God. Here we can talk to God about the everyday things of human life, about our joys and sorrows, our needs and wants, our disappointments and pleasures. Prayer and how an individual prays is often shaped by religious beliefs. But one does not have to belong to a specific religion to pray .

Importance of Pooja | Puja | Prayer room as per Vishwakarma Prakash

According to Vishwakarma Prakash Chaper -2, Sloka 94,  puja room should be in the north east corner.

Best time for the prayer can be during early morning or evening , a thank you for a good day, for warmth of the sun, for love of friends who support and assist us even on our bad or difficult days.
This is a space where human-made problems are left behind like a wet umbrella at the door.
Set a small alter on the east wall of the North-east zone, if you do not have the space to allocate an entire room for pooja,

Important things about a prayer room:-

Do & Don’t

  • Images or idols of Deity or god should positioned in such a way that devotee faces east while making a prayer. West is another alternate location for the prayer area.
  • Place marble or  copper pot containing water at north east direction of the temple. Change this water daily. You can also place a water pyramid near the temple for enhancing water element of north-east zone.
  •  Place light or diya  in the south east corner of the pooja room.
  •  Do not keep photographs (pictures) of the dead/ancestors in the prayer zone.
  •  Keep this area neat, clean and also, clutter free.
  •  This room or zone should be strictly used for the prayer and meditation purpose only.
  •  Due to shortage of the space, some people keeps temple in a bed room or kitchen. Keep small curtain  in the front while not using a prayer room.

Few More important tips

  • Temple should not share the wall having toilet on the other side (behind it).
  • Temple should not be placed below a toilet located on the upper floor.
  • Do not place pooja room and toilet  facing each other.
  • Make temple made from wood or marble. Avoid temple made in glass or wood.
  • It is auspicious to keep crystal kalasha, right hand shankha, shree yantram or  crystal shankha in the prayer room.

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