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Vastu Pyramid – A Cosmic Miracle Power

Vastu Pyramid – The word “pyramid” is composed of the Greek words “pyra” meaning fire, light, the cosmic energy or Universal Lifeforce and the word “mid” meaning at the middle. An apex of the pyramid acts as an antenna & harnesses a cosmic energy. A pyramid having closed or open sides create a vital center of electromagnetic energy if it is built according to the same proportional dimensions as of the Great Pyramid of Giza and if one of its straight sides is facing true north.

Pyramid automatically become charged if it is aligned with the true north-south magnetic axis. Pyramid energy has a direct effect on both animate and inanimate objects. A French scientist Antonio Bovis observed during his visit to the Giza pyramid that a dead cat found in the Kings chamber of the Great Pyramid did not decompose. Experiments with pyramid affirm changes in the mental, physical and emotional states of individuals after exposure to the pyramid energy. Also, the aura of the premises becomes positive after the pyramids are placed. A King’s chamber, a space within the pyramid accumulates and intensifies energy, generating a positive energy field. Pyramid power is only created when a pyramid’s angles and ratios match the Great Pyramid. A Kirlian photograph shows the difference of pyramid power before & after use of pyramid. It has been seen in Kirlian photography that the aura becomes brighter, large and clear after the use of a pyramid.

Most ancient civilizations were aware of these properties of pyramids. Though not as accurate as in Egypt, pyramidal structures have been discovered in Mexico, South America, Himalayan valleys, China, Siberia, Central America, Cambodia, Africa, France, England, and the USA. In India, pyramidal shapes were combined with domes in temple architecture. The main idol was placed under a pyramidal rooftop to generate energy in the devotees. Unfortunately, with modern architecture shifting to the flattened roof concept, this unique science of harnessing unseen cosmic energies became obsolete, and with it the knowledge of pyramid.

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Experiments conducted on small prototypes of Pyramids reveals that indeed there exists an unexplained power inside the pyramids. Fruits kept in the Pyramid for few weeks were dehydrated. Vegetables remained fresh for a long period of time. Plants grown inside the pyramid grew faster than the normal. The yield from seeds increases and sprouts become richer in vitamin, mineral and enzyme content by placing them in the pyramid.
Personal experience of people also indicated the power. Individuals experienced better memory and high energy levels under a pyramid. Meditation under pyramid showed higher alpha wave amplitude.

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