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Certain features in your external environment can affect positively or negatively on the vastu of your building. Location of a road and open space are the highly important consideration in Vastu analysis.
Let us examine how the road and surrounding affects the fortune of the site owner:-

T- Junction:- The Situation When a house faces a T-junction, it is like a gun being pointed straight at the house. The T-junction acts like a funnel drawing negative energies towards the house. People staying in such houses are always in troubles.
The Effects:-The occupants of such a house could suffer from poor health and may be accident-prone. Business premises located at T junction will face instability. We have seen so many of business house located at the T junction has closed down in a short period of time.

Vastu Remedies:-If possible, re-position the front door or gate so that it does not directly face the road running up to it. Alternatively, a low fence or a hedge should be built with a gate as a barrier to the negative energies.
Install Vastu copper strip (vastu partition) on T junction plots. This acts as a virtual partition to cut off the energies.

Location of Road:-

Building or Plot having a road at East or North – Overall prosperity
Building or Plot having a road at South – Not Good
Also, a building or Plot having a road at West – Average
If there is two road surrounding the premises:
Roads at North and East – Good Prosperity
The road at East and south road – good for females
Roads at South and west – average
The road at West and north – good
Roads at North and south – average
Plot having four side roads- best plot
Also, plot located at a dead end – highly dangerous

Veedisula / Veedhishoola – Approaching Road:-

Veedhi Sulas are said to occur when roads approach the site. Some of these are considered bad while the others don’t matter much. There are four prime road approaches, which are considered to be highly positive and there are other four approaches, which are considered to be highly negative.
The road approaching from Northeast of East is considered to be a very good situation because it gives name, fame, and also prosperity to the owner of the house or plot.
The road coming from Northeast of North is also considered highly auspicious. It gives better and excellent prosperity and financial soundness to the owner. As the availability of these plots is rare they should be bought whenever found. Also, it is the best choice for investors.

The road from northwest of the west is good as it offers excellent business propositions, more contacts, better friendships relations, and also satisfies political aspirations. Ladies will flourish and all-around happiness is present in such premises/plots.
The road approach from Southeast of South is also auspicious. It brings good luck in finance and offers excellent financial status for the owner.
A lane from Southeast of East may cause financial misery and legal problems. It also creates a health issue for female family members.
The road coming from Southwest of West is an invitation to bad luck. Such location should be avoided under any circumstances.
A lane approaching from the south-west of south brings serious bad luck and loss of health. It is highly inauspicious.
A road approaching from Northwest of the north may result into instability in business as well as income.

Vastu Corrections / Remedies:-

Use copper pyramid partition strips for defects related to the road towards the east.
Rectify defects related to the road towards the south by using a Lead metal pyramid, bhaum yantra, crystal strips, and also a lead metal blocks
Use brass pyramid partition strips for defects related to roads towards North & West.
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