Road or Roads – How they affects your vastu? – Roads – Vastu Roads

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Certain features in your external environment can affect positively or negatively on the Vastu of your building. The location of a road and open space are highly important considerations in Vastu analysis.
Let us examine how the road and surrounding affect the fortune of the site owner:-

T- Junction

The Situation When a house faces a T-junction, it is like a gun being pointed straight at the house. Such locations are overexposed to traffic, noise, and air pollutions.  The T-junction acts like a funnel drawing negative energies towards the house. Consider T junction- one of the most toxic formations as it will cause a host of negative events for the householders.

Remember, people staying in such houses are always in trouble. 

Know the  Vastu Effects

The occupants of such a house could suffer from poor health and may be accident-prone.

Business premises at T junction will face instability.

Many business houses at the T junction have closed down in a very short period of time.

Vastu corrections or remedies for T-junction properties

  • If possible, re-position the front door or gate so that it does not directly face the road running up to it.
  • Create a  low fence or a hedge should be built with a gate as a barrier to the negative energies.
  • Use plants and trees, which is a great way to protect your site .  It provides physical protection while also blocking out unwanted views of the  T junction.
  • Place reflective objects facing the T junction so that they can reflect back the harmful energies projected towards the home.
  • Install  Vastu virtual partition strips to cut off the energies. 

Location of Road

The roads that lead to your home can either be a blessing or curse, as they exert an inarguably more powerful effect on your home Vastu than you realize.

The direction of a road determines the amount of luck that it brings you. If your home is surrounded by a road towards the auspicious direction, then this showers you a good fortune all around. But if not, be prepared to face obstacles at every turn!

House below a road level


Houses situated below the road level are less prosperous. The flow of energy cannot reach all corners in a house at this elevation, so it is important that you avoid living in such homes.

You might not know it, but when you live below street level, the threat of becoming a victim to financial fraud or even liquidation is always looming.

The single road around the premises