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Vastu Plans – Office Vastu Plans

The demand for vaastu-compliant residential and commercial properties are picking in all over the world. metro-cities It is possible to construct 90 to 100% vastu compliant villa , bungalow or industry on the independant plot. Multistory apartment with two or more flats on the same floor are biggest challenge for the vastu planners. However no two apartment (flat or house or home) on the same floor can be similar to vastu plan. Making an apartment 100 per cent vastu compliant is really impossible. We give below some vastu compliant plans made by the team vastuplus.

Designing pleasant and well balanced environment and properly organizing living space will attract good fortune, prosperity and health.

An architect, interior designer  & Vastu consultant creates  a great team for designing perfect  home design plan and comfortable house layout, balancing advance architectural designs and adding pleasant interior design.

Sample Home Vastu Plan- East Facing Lower Floor Layout

Sample Plan- East Facing Office Layout

Sample Plan- North East Facing Office Layout

Good house plans have a following features:-

  1. Rectangular or square property
  2. Front entrance towards the auspicious zone
  3. More open space or windows towards north & east direction
  4. No bathrooms (toilets) in the corners especially north-east & south west
  5. Kitchen in the Fire quadrant
  6. Rooms & doors size as per  vastu calculations
  7. No cut or extensions in the property
  8. Five element well placed ( Earth, Wind, Water, Fire & Space)
  9. North East zone is not loaded with heavy structure like staircase or store room.
  10. South west zone being occupied by head of the family.

If you are looking for well prepared vastu plan, mail us the following details:-

  • Size of the plot
  • Location and surrounding of the plot
  • Road access and road level
  • Slope of plot
  • Height of the construction, numbers of floor etc.
  • Flexibility in the plan
  • Numbers of rooms
  • Builder’s floor plan copy (if apartment or flat)

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