Case Study-3, Sale of Bungalow Project

/Case Study-3, Sale of Bungalow Project
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Vastu Consultation Lonavala

Case Study-3, Sale of Bungalow Project at Lonavala

Vastu Consultation Lonavala

Vastu Consultation Lonavala

A few days ago client from Mumbai has approached us, asking for the vastu opinion about the bungalow which he wanted to buy at the Lonavala (Lonawala).

At Lonavala, it was a residential project of 62 units compromising of 2 bhk and 3 bhk row houses. My client was the first customer who was very eager to finalize the deal on that day. A row house selected by my client was not adhering to the vastu principles. There were many defects and hence  difficult to correct easily. It was rather falling below 50% of the total vastu strength. As a result, we could not approve the space according to vastu principles.

During the Vastu consultation Lonavala, a project manager has requested us – if we can check vastu for the entire project.
First of all, a visible defect- a water body at the center of the project was the main factor for the slow progress. We have adviced them to shift the swimming pool (Vastu element-water) at the northeast zone of a plot. The builder took an immediate action and within a month his entire project was sold at one shot. This builder is now permanent vastu believer & also consults for his new projects.

About Lonavala: Lonavala is a hill station surrounded by green valleys in western India near Mumbai. The Karla Caves and the Bhaja Caves are ancient Buddhist shrines carved out of the rock. They feature massive pillars and intricate relief sculptures. South of the Bhaja Caves sits the imposing Lohagad Fort, with its 4 gates. West of here is Bhushi Dam, where water overflows onto a set of steps during the rainy season.

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