Vastu Shastra Tips for Career

Vastu Shastra Tips for Career

Vastu Shastra Tips for Career

When new opportunities arise – sometimes popping up without notice – will you be ready for them?
There are many things you can do to increase your chances of being prepared for these opportunities when they appear.
As it does with every main life aspect, vastu shastra also provides guidance to help you improving & boosting your professional career. If your life is not moving on in the way according to your vision, it may be due to the lack of balance and harmony within your environment.

Following are few tips to attract a great  opportunities:-

1. Sleep with the head towards the east which will help you in improving your career.
2. Location of toilet towards the north zone of your house can restrict your career or job opportunities. Get it corrected with vastu remedies for more success.
3. If you are already in a job and looking for the promotion, you need to check your direction which  you are facing on desk. Face east or north while working on your desk. It will help you in getting your hard work noticed by your seniors. Some people get promoted several times.

4. The Main door of your house also should be in a positive direction to have a career growth in a positive direction. Location of entrance towards the inauspicious direction may restrict your career growth.
5. Do not seat below the beam while working at your desk at home or office. This may give you unnecessary pressure in work with no positive outcome.

Energizing personal Luck

6. Use some powerful personal crystals around your desk to have more energy to work efficiently & getting promotion in job.

7. You can use personal pocket stone based on your birth date element.

Highly successful people stay in a positive environment, so keep your space in the right tone. You will be more result oriented rather than being busy.

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