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Check list-Vastu buying properties

Vastu is all about the vibrations, flow of energy and space arrangement. Buying a new home is a big investment and hard task. Many people can afford buying a single home in their life time so it is natural that everyone want their new home to be perfect. If you are looking for a new home, then why not go to vastu way ? Good vastu in your space attracts positive vibes& helps you to flourish together with your family.

According to research, it has been found that more than 75% think vastu shastra will make a difference in their future property buying choices. Many people ready to pay more for a house that follows a vastu principles.

Why vastu is important?

Vastu enhances your space according to the principles of harmony and energy flow. Whether you are aware or not, your environment is constantly affecting you.

Vastu assessment is done based on the following check list:-
  • Roads-Location of road, T junction, Dead end road. Some roads are harmful around your home.
  • Location of other surrounding like hills river, religious places, neighbouring structures and their directions.
  • History about the previous owner ( if buying a resale property). Avoid home with history of serious accident, severe illness or bankruptcy.
  • Exposure to sun light or natural light:- These are the natural sources of positive vibrations.
  • Location of main gate, windows and door. Auspicious door brings good luck to occupant.
  • Level of land
  • Location of fire element i.e kitchen, pantry,, fire place ,media room etc.
  • Position of toilets and bathrooms:- Avoid toilets in north- east and south-west zone of your home. Toilet drains your luck, if placed in the auspicious zone.
  • Overhead beams:- Bed room with overhead beam should be avoided.
  • Location of pillars:- Centre pillar is damaging.
  • Shape of the plot as well as house. A cut or extension in any area can imply a sector of life that could be damaging or draining your life.
  • Water element i.e Location of water bodies
  • Staircase:- Location of staircase, movement of stairs, Number of stairs.
  • House number:- A number in harmony with the date of birth of owner brings life long happiness.
  • Colours in each room:- Colours has a vibrations. Avoid using too much grey, black and hot red in the home.
  • Garage:- Cars are mini home , hence direction of garage is very important.
  • Plantations around the home. Plant adds hope and cheers in your life.
  • Basement location:- A house with basement is south or south west is a serious vastu defect.

A positive score in the above requirements will assure you a prosperity and peace in the life. Also a house with good vastu makes it easier for you to sell when you want to upgrade for a bigger home.
Remember to avoid house with major negative placements.

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