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Vastu for children room

A children -kids room should support them both within the context of the family and as individuals.  Hence children need an environment to focus their studies. A focus is a basic ingredient for academic performance.

Here are few simple tips to follow while designing a kid room:-

Pay attention to the pictures or paintings in kids room. You might be surprised by their significance in affecting your child behavior on a subconscious level. Evaluate the message the paintings may be sending. Is it inspiring, encouraging, creative or positive? Some scenes like a crying child or a child in a sad mood may actually drain energy from a room. Display painting of horses, flying birds, racing car or bikes in their room to improve the vibes.

Plants are a symbol of growth, so it is advisable to place some live plants in their room. It is important that the plants are well cared for and that they remain healthy and vibrant.

Place head towards the east for the children bed. A sleeping position at any other direction affects the child quality of sleep. East is a source of positive energy.

Mirrors in the children bed room should be placed carefully. A bed reflecting in the mirror may cause bad dreams for children. Ideally mirror should be placed in a hidden manner.

Keep study desk in North east corner of the kids bed room. North east zone is a tranquility zone which improves the skill of the child.


Children love nature and using colours is an easy way to bring the essence of nature inside the room. The use of natural shades like green for life, orange for growth, yellow for stability and blue for vision is highly recommended in the children zone. Avoid grey shade i childs bed room. It rather makes children depressed. Child  may  also become lethargic.

Clean energy

The children room should be clutter free. Old clothing, old toys and unusable stationery items form major clutter in most children room. Make sure that you remove these frequently to make space for new vibrant energy, which is necessary for the growth of the children. Most important, their room should have feeling of freshness and positive energy.

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