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Professional Vastu Shastra Consultation Services

We provide complete Vastu Shastra Consultation for your proposed as well as existing business properties.
A. On-Site Site Vastu Consultation Services

  • Our Consultant visit your site to  evaluate the property as per Vastu principles.

B. Off- Site-Online (email) Vastu Consultation Services

  • Mail us a floor plan or layout to get detailed Vastu report.

C. Personal Vastu Consultation Services

  • Meet us personally at our office with your proposed or existing  plan/layout.


[A] On-Site Services- Personal Site Visit Consultation

We usually start our consultation with a thorough assessment of the Internal as well external environment of the property. It  involves taking accurate compass reading,  measurements , analyzing shape and, also  size of the property.
The whole process usually takes about 1 to 2 hours. It can take longer for large industries, complex or  buildings to examine in greater depth. At the end of the consultation we provide you with a vastu report containing the plans, calculations, notes, recommendations etc.  It helps you to use the Vastu principles  either in new or  existing location.

We also advise you on enhancements, cures, timing and, also  changes to the building and  its surroundings.

Most important, we always encourage you to stay in touch after the consultation. This helps us to monitor the progress your have made after the changes.

[B] Long Distance- Email Consultation (Quick & Easy process)

However we recognize that the cost of travel can be prohibitive if the property is located in a city or country far away from our office. With the advent of the digital scanning, digital photography & the Internet , it is now possible to provide Vastu Consultations remotely. You can mail or fax us a scan copy of floor plan of your site for a quick Vastu opinion and consultation. We also use skype services  to  view a site and talk you individually. This way you get a more accurate Vastu reading for your location. We use google earth location service to determine accuracy in direction of the location.

For long distance, we need following information:-

  • Accurate layout plan or plot dimension
  • True north mark on map
  • Your concern and queries

We have conducted long distance consultation all over the world including major cities of USA, UK, UAE and Thailand. Our report are self explanatory with lots of images and charts.  Our recommendations are easy to implement and

[C] Personal Consultation-Meet us personally

Our team vastuplus is available for personal consultation at our  office in Mumbai (India) with prior appointment. Meet us personally with a floor plan of your home or business. We will evaluate your property in detail according to the vastu shastra. Our team will  suggest you a suitable  authentic vastu corrections &  solutions. As a result,  it will enhance the positive flow of energy to your premises. Kindly take prior appointment before visiting our office.

  • Please use our on-site Vastu consulting services if your property is nearby.
  • Use our  off-site services if it is located at a distance.
  • A personal consultation at our office will help you to  have quick evaluation.

We request you to inform the following informations to quote our charges for vastu consultation services:-
1.Size/area of the premises
2.Location of the site
3.Details on the site i.e. no. of floors, rooms,apxm area of constructions etc.

Along with above please also provide plot map, proposed layout and photographs. This will help us you to provide more accurate services.

Contact for Vastu quotation

We will get back to you usually within 24 hours.

Vastu Consultant , Ahmedabad. Read Case Study

Vastu Consultant, Mumbai, Read Case Study


Nitien Parmar Chief Vastu Consultant

Nitien Parmar is supported by the team of experts who looks after vastu designs, Clients Feedback, I. T., Marketing and back office work.

Vastu Consultant
Nitien Parmar

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