Vastu Element Water Body

Vastu Element Water BodyVastu Element Water Body

Humans are not separate from nature but connected to earth as a part of an interconnected web of life. The element of nature act as a whole to create and maintain energy — the force of life. An energy-efficient environment attracts many benefits and more positive opportunities. The water element is one of the strongest elements of the Vastu Shastra. Water is what gives life to our planet. Without it, we would not exist. Water is the essence of life. Water has always been synonymous with authority as well as power. The effects of a water body in a home are amazing. Our bodies and mind welcome the cooling effect of the water.

Why are most of the cities in the world, located close to the water bodies, more economically prosperous than ones that are landlocked?


During ancient times, water has been used as an elemental solution by the kings by placing their palaces near bodies of water. If you look at the world’s most capital cities today, they are either located near the water or have large rivers or lakes nearby. The majority of ocean-side and lake-side properties are usually more expensive. Waterbody near the house or business premises is a good placement because it keeps the energy flowing and prevents it rather from being “locked”. Its real essence speaks of movement and the flow of life. It invites everyone to move and bend and not to stay rigid or to struggle.

Water Flow | Vastu Element Water Body

Moving and flowing water can encourage those who come into contact with it to accept continual change and not to struggle unnecessarily in life. Flowing water can ease tensions and allow the vibrations of the life force to enter us and nourish our aura. If properly applied, the water element can make a world of difference. Water installed in the wrong direction might have a reverse effect on you as well as  the inhabitants of your premises.

Sources of Water element

Sources of water element in Vastu Shastra are  stream, River pond, Swimming pool, Water tank, Water fountain, Waterfall, Fish Tank, Water Pot (Vastu Kalasha) and, also a  waterfall painting. Even  any art representing water can be included in this list. There are simple ways to use the water element of Vastu Shastra theory to create balance, harmony and, also  prosperity in your surrounding.

Direction of Water body Effects
North-East Good fortune as well as Financial Strength
South-East Quarrel, Damage to son
South-West Damage to the house owner
North-West Mental disorder, Enmity
East Monetary Gain
South Damage to wife
West Money Gain
North Money and joyfulness
Centre Lack of wealth, Self destruction

Water Element Vastu Tips | Vastu Element Water Body in the House, Office and Industries

1. A  Shape and placement of the body of water are very important. The best place according to Vastu sha