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Vastuplus™ 21 Energy Efficient Vastu  Techniques:

Our 21 Energy Efficient Vastu Techniques developed by Vastuplus™ team are  on practical experience since last 24 years along with the strong research on various vastu segments. Our recommendations are always practical, simple and achievable, following long established authentic Vastu principles. These suggestions does not require any demolitions. As a result they helps to balance and harmonize energetic patterns, neutralize any negative forces of the premises, strengthen weaker zones, optimize power spot areas . It also  assists various aspects of your life in which you wish to gain an advancement.

1.  Element Balancer – Zone Balancing System

Five elements of vastu shastra works together to bring balance and harmony to your environment, whether it is your home or business location. Hence key is balancing five elements so that they work together and establish a positive flow of energy in your space. Copper, Zinc, Lead, Silver and also  brass  are the metals used either in raw form or in the particular shapes for the  zone balancing.

2.  Energy Pollution clearance & neutralizer

Even in the most positive house, negative energy can also gather. A visit to a negative sites, interacting with others can pick up a garbage in your energy field and probably you bring it to the home. Negative energy gathers over a time which should be cleaned regularly. We also use various kinds of tools either visible or  invisible manner to neutralize a negative aura around your location.

3.  Space purification

For your business or life to work well, it is vital to have a good flow of positive energy in and around your location. Therefore space purification is done before making a  vastu corrections in your home. We suggest to use vastu salt & also a holy waters  in a specific manner to make your site ready to apply energy efficient vastu techniques. Probably you will experience tranquility in your space.

4.  Energy Shield

Geopathic stress due to harmful energies around the home i.e earth lines, water veins, cellphone towers etc. needs a strong protections. We use geopathic pyramids, crystal antenna, crystal energy generator  & also rock  harmonizer as a protection from the geopathic stress. As a result, geo stress in neutralized effectively. Most noreworthy, geopathic stress is now a part of all vastu consultations.

5. Energizing with Symbols

Symbols have a connection with subconscious mind. These symbols are very effectively used by the vastuplus team since last many years. Most of all  symbols are used on doors, walls and also in rooms. As a result it  improves the positive vibes.

6.  Power spot

We use energy grid either crystal grid or pyramid grid analysis method to find out the financial power spot, relationship power spot &  also supporting power spot to get desired result from the vastu evaluations.

7.  Energizing with Pictures & paintings

There are five types of paintings (five element based) –Earth paintings, wind paintings, water paintings, fire paintings and a space paintings. Missing corner or extended corner in the location can be balanced with the help of vastu paintings. This is especially relevant in modern home design.

8.  Power Prayers

Prayers are the most traditional means to use subconscious power. When you honestly pray for anything, probably you plant your desire into mind. It will act accordingly to crystallize your wishes. We recommend financial prayers, health prayers, relationship prayers & study prayer to align your internal and external personal aura.

9.  Energy Shifters

Incorrect placements of the main door, bed room, toilets, kitchen etc. may cause a three types of vastu faults. They are major, medium and minor vastu defects. We use energy shifters by targeting offending location to the desired zones. Therefore these are simple virtual tools to shift the energy.

10.  Energy Partitions

Extentions and cuts in the premises causes various kind of negative or positive effects based on its direction. Energy partitions are simple virtual corrections without making any kind of demolition in the house. Result are simply amazing with such virtual corrections for home or business locations.

11.  Pyramid Antena

Apex of the pyramid acts as an antenna & harnesses a cosmic energy. Pyramid energy have a direct & positive effect on most of all  animate and inanimate objects. We recommend various kind of pyramids made in metal, wood and crystals based on the correction required.

12.  Space Empowering techniques-Space Lifting

Vastu shastra maximizes the potential of space and empowers its occupants. We use mirror cladding , stone cladding or metal cladding to balance the environment thereby inviting greater health, abundance and, happiness in the life. Team vastu plus also advices on  some objects, statues, idols etc. so you have more prosperity & more success.

13. Green Zone

Plants bring a life force into the home or business location. Tree & plants may impact in positive or negative way based on the type & direction of its location. Also creating a green zone with the plants or by using a paintings of plants, you can bring healthy energy in to your house.

14.   Marma Audit

Marma points are mystic points location within you space. They  are direct connection to the universal consciousness , when these points are cleared , vital energy flows more fully through entire house. After locating marma points with the help of accurate floor plan, these super power energy centre can be activated more positively for the benefit of the occupant.

15. Specturms –Using colours for a wonderful result

Colour has some vibrational frequencies. They acts like a vitamin for the energy fields of the body as well as surrounding. At vastuplus, we provide simple suggestions on how to make a use of various colours to bring harmony. Each color has a different meaning and direction associated with that colour.

16.  Power Crystals

A magical and symbolic connection has always existed between human beings and crystals. We suggest natural crystals in many ways, all with the one single goal- to create a good vastu energy around you.

17.  Tranquility Zone

Every locations should and must have a tranquility zone where mind, body and spirit are soothed and made tranquil. We mark exact spot where this tranquility zone can be located so the energy in the house remain pure, hygienic & supportive.

18.  Clearing electro stress

Electro-stress is a vibrational energy not compatible to the human cell. When we come in contact with these man-made frequencies from household appliances, cell phones, computers, TV etc. emits harmful radiations. At vastuplus, we suggest stress clearing techniques to get protection in a very simple way.

19.  Vastu Environment

External environment surrounding your home also plays a 50% role in the vastu reading of your house. Nearby river, cannel, mountain, roads, neighbours, staircase and also  lifts etc. are included while we do a vastu reading either for any home or business location. Surrounding is especially relevant when there is a independent structure on the plot.

20.  Sound techniques

Sound vibrations plays a vital role in the space healing process for those homes which are  sick home as per vastu shastra using a simple vastu techniques. Hence Sound energy is a physical form of energy that moves as a vibrational transmission through matter. We suggest to make use of singing bowl, brass bells, wind chimes and also a tibetan bell for sound energy activation.

21.  Gateway to your fortune- Main Door

A good entrance-way is an absolute must for success in life. Most noteworthy, home or offices having a door in auspicious direction are sold very quickly at a premium rate. This is due to popularity and success of vastu shastra all over the world. Negative door can be corrected by making an alternative virtual entrance door marking vastu techniques. We have  used this technique successfully to many residential and commercial premises.

A Complete Vastu Consultation :-

On site Consultation :- ( Book an appointment with consultant)

In case of site visit, any one of our vastu expert team members will visit your site and prepare a detailed explanatory report. So, if you are planning to built a new site or renovating the existing one it is right time to consult us.

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– Surrounding of the site i.e. Road, River, Religious place, neighbours etc.
– Photographs of the site
On receipt of the above details, we will be preparing a complete vastu report of your premises.

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Skype Consultation:-

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Vastu Consultation Fees

Consultancy fees paid for vastu is much more rewarding and give you real long lasting effects. We advice you on physical environment, structuring, re-design, new alignments. It makes  the things better so that your life and lives of your staff works with full spirit, enthusiasm. So you will wonder why you have not done vastu consultation before.

Our office is in Mumbai, so, consultation will include travelling and accommodation expenses (only for site visit), if your location is at distance.

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