Vastuplus™ 21 Energy Efficient Vastu Techniques:

Our 21 Energy Efficient Vastu Techniques is developed & practiced by the Vastuplus™ team is based on practical experience for the last 28 years along with the strong research on various Vastu segments. Our recommendations are always practical, simple, and achievable, following long-established authentic Vastu principles. These suggestions do not require any demolitions. As a result, they help to balance and harmonize energetic patterns, neutralize any negative forces of the premises, strengthen weaker zones, optimize power spot areas. It also assists various aspects of your life in which you wish to gain advancement.

1.  Element Balancer – Zone Balancing System

Many residential buildings are constructed with an irregular shape. Missing or extended corners in your space create an imbalance in Vastu elements. Five elements of Vastu shastra work together to bring balance and harmony to your environment, whether it is your home or business location. Hence the key is balancing five elements so that they work together and establish a positive flow of energy in your space. Copper, Zinc, Lead, Silver, and also brass are the metals used either in raw form or in the particular shapes for the zone balancing. 

2.  Energy Pollution clearance & neutralizer

Even in the most positive house, negative energy can also gather. A visit to negative sites, interacting with others can pick up garbage in your energy field and probably you bring it to the home. Negative energy gathers over a time which should be cleaned regularly. We also use various kinds of tools either visible or invisible manner to neutralize a negative aura around your location. When you buy a resale property, it is necessary to clear the space from the negative energy of the previous owner.

3.  Space purification

For your business or life to work well, it is vital to have a good flow of positive energy in and around your location. Therefore space purification is done before making Vastu corrections in your home. We suggest to use Vastu salt & also holy water in a specific manner to make your site ready to apply energy-efficient Vastu techniques. Probably you will experience tranquility in your space.

4.  Energy Shield

Geopathic stress due to harmful energies around the home i.e earth lines, water veins, cell phone towers, etc. needs strong protections. We use geopathic geo pyramids, energy grids, crystal antenna, crystal energy generator & also rock harmonizer as protection from the geopathic stress. As a result, geo stress in neutralized effectively. Most noteworthy, geopathic stress is now a part of all Vastu consultations.

5. Energizing with Symbols

Symbols are “signs” created by humans to convey their ideas and messages. Symbols have a connection with the subconscious mind. These symbols are very effectively used by the Vastuplus™ team for the last many years. Most of all symbols are used on doors, walls, and also in rooms. As a result, it improves the positive vibes. We use these symbols to enhance the energy of the space. They are a great remedy to bring good fortune and peace in life.

6.  Power spot

We use an energy grid either a