A Balanced Approach – Environment & Landscaping according to the vastu

/A Balanced Approach – Environment & Landscaping according to the vastu
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A balanced approach, Environment & Landscaping

In order to assess the vaastu compatibility of a location, we must first understand its environmental influences. The location must have good energy. Living in a beautiful environment is much more supportive than living in an environment that is an eyesore. Premises having powerful and fertile environment is a most successful premises according to vastu. These are some of the basic principles or tenets that apply in such situations.

According to vastu mountain or elevated area at the south & west is an auspicious sign. It can be a mountain, tall building or hill area. By using rocks, crystals and earth, you can create virtual mountain in your area. You can also use large decorative rocks. Vastu remedies  can be  followed  in certain situations to correct a problem & should be  placed under the guidance of a  expert Vastu consultant.
The location must have good energy flow. The land must have spirit. The aura of the location must be strong and fertile. Most important you should never underestimate the power of location.

Positive environment

Positive environment enhances our well being. A bad environment will cause illness. The landscape can affect the flow of a healthy or a bad life force it all depends where the house is located and the direction it faces. If the house is in alignment or in rhythm with the landscape, a good healthy life force is created. Good healthy energy will enter the home which will make the occupants vitalized and alert and enable them to make the most of good opportunities that happen around them. Good energy will bring them good health, relationships and prosperity.

On the other hand,  healthy energy can not be generated in to the house, if the house is not in alignment with the landscape. The occupants of this house will always feel tired and become lethargic, irritable, forgetful and lose concentration. Worst of all, the occupants may become ill and could miss good opportunities due to poor environment.

Feel Good

This is why we can sometimes feel good in one house and feel uncomfortable in another. Energy forces around us are invisible and it is sometimes hostile. It is like the frequency of a mobile phone or a television. Sometimes it gives us disturbance or good reception in certain areas.
With the help of vastu, when we have a chance to change the quality of our lives and progress to something better, why struggle?
It would be so easy to end up wasting our lives not knowing there are good and bad areas that can be utilized to help us progress. When a house receives good healthy energy, the occupants will be alert, vitalized and live longer. He will enjoy many other good fortunes and happiness.
Due to limited space in our homes, we sometimes can’t avoid the negative energy.

Stagnated Vibrations

Due to the wrong alignment of the plot, entrance location and direction, some houses contains stagnated vibrations. This will prevent the occupants from making progress in the life. The occupants will also face difficulties in selling the house. We have seen that if the existing house contains a healthy and powerful positive energy, the occupants will buy another good house. If not, the occupants will be unable to make a correct decision and normally end up getting a worse house than the original.
Remember for optimum results, it is advisable to seek the advice of an experienced vaastu consultant to assist you in building your dream home or office.

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