Vastu Shastra for Farm House or Second Home

Vastu Shastra for farm House

Vastu Shastra for farm House

  • Avoid the land with the road only towards the south, while selecting a plot for agriculture or farmhouse.
  • It is highly recommended to buy the plot with the flat surface.
  • Provide slope of plot towards the north-east.
  • Do not buy the land with a slope towards the south or south-west. Leveling of a plot is advised.
  • Buy the land in a square or rectangular shape. The land extended towards the northeast is auspicious and brings prosperity to the owner.  Extension at any other direction is not beneficial as per vastu.
  • Grow more Tree with right height either at south or west side.
  • Make outhouse in the south-west location of the land. Front entrance, kitchen, bedrooms, living room and, also toilets should be planned as per vastu.
  • Make staff and labor quarter either in the west or south-east corner.
  • Place electric panel or transformer in the south-east corner of the property, to have fire element in the right location. This is believed to brings a good harvest for the owner.
  • The animal should be on the west or north-west direction of the farm.  Arrange animals cage or block in such a way that they face north or east when tied with the rope. No animal should face south on the farm.
  • The Compound wall for the farm should be made in such a way that it has higher & thicker wall on south & west direction than the east & north.
  • Do not buy a plot with hill or mountain towards the north or east direction.

Enhancing Plot

  • Install Brahma pyramid in the center of the plot.
  • Grow Tulsi and Amla in the Northeast corner of the site.
  • It is highly beneficial to buy a  new farm attached to existing property towards the north or east.


  • Locate well, Bore and, also a pond in the northeast direction. So you have a vastu element-water in a positive direction.
  • Avoid well (water body) at the south-west. It may result in severe illness or death of the owner.
  • Avoid well at the south-east of the farm. It may result in bankruptcy, theft and, also losses.
  • Make water flow of channel in such a way that water moves from south to north direction.

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