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Vastu Shastra for Factory Store

Factory store is one of the key area where all inward as well as outward material is stored. Excess or shortage in the store material can highly impact on the production of the factory. Wrong location of factory storage  can cause excess consumption of material, theft or non movement of finished goods.

Important points to be considered while following Vastu Shastra for factory storage room:-

  • Direction of the factory storage
  • Entrance of the store
  • Direction of desk of in charge  as well as other staff
  • Store in charge cabin
  • Seating arrangement of the staff
  • Location of heavy space material
  • Location of Liquid material
  • Location of chemical & fire related material
  • Location of Weighing scale
  • Location of raw material
  • Location of Finished goods
  • Record room location
  • Size and shape of the store room
  • Flow of material movement
  • Location of toilets

Wrong location of factory store could result in:-

  • Theft from the storage
  • Shortage in stock items
  • Poor inventory management
  • Excess purchases
  • Wrong purchases
  • Dead Stock
  • Damage to the stock

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