Vastu Shastra for Industries

industries vastuIndustrial Vastu

Vastu Shastra- means the science of the place where you live or work. It is based on the energy generated by five key elements-Water, Fire, Earth, Wind and Space. These five elements empower any space with peace and prosperity either individually or collectively. They are equally important even in today’s environment.

When the power of these great elements is harnessed in a positive way, success and good fortune follow easily. Most noteworthy, Vastu has the potential to add value to a company.

Many countries aim to stimulate the industrial sector to adopt and develop future-oriented industries and enhance their capabilities to compete in the global market. It also aims to create job opportunities. The government policy like Make in India, Skill India and Digital India has the potential to boost industrial growth to a higher level.

If more and more business people became aware of the Vastu, they can build prestigious as well as prosperous organizations. Vastu shastra provides all-weather super expressway to create all-round prosperity.

Benefits of Positive Vastu for Industrial location

  • Vastu principles are designed to help you to build a prestigious and prosperous organization. These principle guides you to harness the inexhaustible power of nature to lead a successful business venture.
  • Plot with positive Vastu helps to complete and commission the project without delays and escalation cost.
  • It ensures trouble-free performance year after year
  • The good industrial layout has strong prosperity generating capacity.
  • Vastu assures reasonable rewards to human efforts if Vastu precautions are observed from the time a site is selected to locate a project.
  • Vastu provided stamina and strength to stay ahead of competitors in the race of business.
  • Five elements of nature is a universal catalyst. It is both negative and positive depending on the way it is used. If it is used positively, it converts your planning and efforts to success and abundant profit. It transforms the dream of the company into reality.
  • Vastu principles are reliable parameters to assess risk and prevent failures. The company can expand and diversify successfully with the help of Vastu guidelines.
  • Proper application of Vastu principles prevents the creation of non-performing assets.
  • Vastu guidelines provide the straight all-weather expressway to peace and prosperity

Key Vastu points:-

  • Elevated west and south zone the location is believed to increase the manufacturing capacity of the industry. There will be maximum utilization of the machine capacity. A south-west side raised in the constructed industrial unit in Dadra (DHN) showed a continuous increase in production. Furthermore,  they bought another neighbouring unit to meet an increase in demand.
  • More open space in the north and east direction ensures a long life of the business organization. It shows better performance year after year. Research shows that open space plays a major role in the growth of the company. Quality of the product is believed to be superior in such industries. Open space towards the east represents fame, popularity and goodwill whereas open space in the north represents resources, cash flow and financial gain.
  • It is auspicious to have multiple roads surrounding the plot. It increases the prosperity generating capacity of the Company. Due to this reason, such locations are high in demand.
  • The main gate located towards the north of northeast, east of northeast, south of south-east and west of north-west are auspicious according to Vastu. A gate located towards the north of north-west, east of south-east, south of south-west and west of south-west. Entrance gate should be bigger than the exit door.


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