Vastu Shastra for Main Door

vastu for main doorVastu Shastra for Main Door

According to Vastu, the main door or entrance has been accorded prime importance as it lets in or keeps out the vital life-giving force that promotes health, wealth and luck.

Urja (energy) enters the house through doors and windows. However, the front door of your home is where the major part of energy enters and therefore this door plays a vital role in determining the flow of vibrations experienced by the household.
The door should open completely. Due to the shoe rack or furniture behind the door in some of the houses, the entrance is not able to open completely. In such a situation the energy is not able to enter into the house altogether. Such a house will have a short supply of the required energy, which will lead to limited opportunities and poor luck to the occupants. Make sure that your home opens at 90 degrees paving a way to the energy to circulate in without hindrance.
These houses should not have cracking sounds from hinges on the opening of the main door. It is Swar Vedha according to Vastu. A sticky door may indicate that something is not working in your life or that you feel stuck or irritated by something.
The entrance area should be neat and clean and avoid having a dustbin in the entrance. Your main door should open in a clockwise direction. Door opening in anti-clock direction causes a delay in work, slow progress and difference of opinion among the family members.
The main door should not have cracks. As per Vasthu Shastra, it is indeed very inauspicious to have the main entry in an unwelcoming condition. The entrance door of the house should be larger than the other doors entering the house.
When one enters the house, there should not be a wall in front of the entrance. There should be a door that opens to the next room or open space immediately after entering into the room. Any shadow e.g. shadow of a tree, building, etc. should not fall on the main door.
The main door of the house should not be below ground level. There should not be an underground tank, septic tank, or canal under the main entrance. There should not be any abandoned, wrecked buildings in front of the main entrance. Such situations are highly inauspicious.
It is good to decorate the entrance of a house with pictures or statues of Lakshmi, Ganesha or auspicious signs such as OM or the Swastika. Inauspicious pictures should not be on the door.
Doors should have thresholds preferably made in marble or wood. Display two pairs of auspicious Lakshmi steps on both the side of a threshold to invite laxmiji, a goddess of wealth.
Shoes should not be kept in front of the door, but to the side or in the shoe box.
Anything connected with your religion, such as a yantra, a Ganesh idol, across or scriptures from the Quran should be placed above the front door.
Having the main entrance in the north or east is auspicious. Wherever the entrance of any home or building is in the east, the residents enjoy better health, increasing prosperity, and harmonious relations with others; but wherever houses are facing south or south-west, the opposite is the result.
Teak Wood Door is the Best
Main Door Should Be Single avoid double shuttered main door
Building Lift Should Not Face Main Door
House Should have an even number of Doors 2,4,6,8 etc
Main Door Should be well Lift with Efficient Lightings for Positive Flow of Energy.
Colors of Main Door Should Be warming & Welcoming
Avoid self-closing Main door.

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