Crucial corner, Importance of North East corner

Importance of Northeast Corner, Remove Vastu shastra Defects From North East corner


Ancient texts attribute special importance to the Ishanya corner (the northeast direction). While selecting a plot &  constructing a new house, the northeast is a  prime consideration.  This direction is regarded as highly charged with divine energies. T One naturally gets maximum (Vital) energy from this direction.

Do and Don’t:-

  •  The northeast direction is referred to as an auspicious direction in Vaastu Shastra. It is important to maintain a state of cleanliness and purity in this direction in the house and workplace.
  • Construct or plan, prayer room and meditation center in the northeast corner.
  • Do not keep heavy items in this direction.
  • Do not keep broomstick or any other sanitary items there.
  • Also, do not place the toilet or kitchen in this sector. Use Vastu helix, Vastu zinc pyramids, water pyramids and, also pearl as a vastu remedy.
  • Avoid kitchen in the northeast zone of the house. It brings poverty and sickness to the family members.
  • There should not be double floors towards the northeast zone.
  • Avoid pillar in the northeast zone.
  • Flooring level towards the northeast should be lower than other parts of the house.
  • Keep this corner (direction in the house)  left clean and empty, if not used for any devotional purposes.  Keeping dirt and debris in this corner of the house is said to attract malevolent effects. It results in difficulties, losses and, also tensions in personal relationships etc.
  • The cosmic rays from the sun, moon and other planets also have an effect on the human body. These rays to a great extent are absorbed by water, therefore, it is beneficial to have borewell underground water tanks in the northeast direction.
  • There should be no constructions in this direction since the auspicious rays would be obstructed. This corner of the plot should be depressed either naturally or artificially.
  • Avoid tall trees in the northeast zone.
  • Do not make storeroom in the northeast corner.
  • Since this is a divine corner, avoid bedroom for the couple.


  • Grow medicinal plants like Tulasi, Fudina or turmeric in this zone.
  • Panting of endless road, a deep path is auspicious in  the north-east zone of house or office
  • Library in this corner improves the spiritual enlightenment.
  • Provide more and bigger windows in the north-east zone to attract pure cosmic energy into premises.
  • Marble water pot, bird bath and, also fountain improves the tranquil energy of the north-east corner.

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