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Redevelopment, best option to overcome housing deficit

Redevelopment of old residential building is the quickest and manageable solution for the land shortage in mumbai and other metro cities. The subject of redevelopment has now assumed great significance because in Mumbai, majority of the buildings owned by co-operative societies and land lords are quite old and need immediate replanning.


Redevelopment is the process of demolishing existing old property and reconstructing it by appointing a good & competent developer who can construct and handover new premises to the old members/tenants with some additional amenities/benefits and make profit by utilizing balance plot potential by constructing additional homes, office or shops as per approval from the authority.

Redevelopment and Vastu

Living in harmony with nature has always been the practical necessity of people all over the world. Harmony (Vastu) and beauty (Architecture) literally plays a major theme while taking a buying decision for the new home or business place.
Buying a property can be one of the biggest decisions of the life. Whether person buy a home or a business location, it is immensely valuable for him to know the vibrations of the house he is buying. Buyer will focus on the properties , the ones that will bring him tranquility, beneficial energy, abundance, and good prosperity. The primary purpose of vastu is to build with the flow of the land. This means development maintains and follows the natural environment. Studies indicate that the use of this principle increases comfort, lowers costs, and reduces the need for artificial cooling.
In case of redevelopment, Vastu recommends that where the natural world has been destroyed, it should be restored. Also the builder should consider the large plantation, more open space and better ventilation for the new structure.

Bad Redevelopment Plan- Why project fails or gets delayed

Besides the key features of the project, vastu also playes an important role in speedy progress and success of the redevelopment of the society. We have observed many cases of a new/ redevelopment projects getting delayed or abandoned inspite of the developers best effort.
Some of the basic placement from vastu point of view affecting the site are listed below:-
1. Underground water tank located at South west or South east
2. Access to the plot from the south west
3. Reverse slope of plot from north to South
4. Irregular shape of the plot with cut at north east or south west
5. Reverse flow of water
Above are the few examples which may be responsible for slower progress of the project.

Good Redevelopment Plan

For property developers not only vastu can be a valuable selling point , it can also help to improve your customers satisfaction with your construction. Most people prefer to buy a home that have been designed as per vastu. Hence many builders try to implement at least basic principles in their layout. They try to avoid creating negative zones. Sometimes vastu principles limit the scope of the design but 60 to 70% of the vastu is also okay with most of the buyers. However, later the owner if desires for some alterations within his/her own house can make the same without disturbing the main structure.
Good layout can easily have following basic features of vastu without any major compromise in the building elevation plan.
1. Location of water body- Underground water Tank
2. Location of Power Station
3. Entrance to the plot/buidling
4. Boundry Wall
5. Slope of the plot
6. Open space
7. Internal planning of each unit i.e bed room, kitchen, toilets etc.

Correcting the premises with energy efficient vastu techniques

Construction of flats as per vastu is not that simple. The number of flats in a one complex with a common wall makes it difficult for builders to make it vastu compliant. Here applying a Vastu is feasible without breaking the vastu rules. There is a general opinion that Vastu correction cannot take place without breakages or demolition, but it is not the actual case. One needs not to do a major structural changes. Though Vastu application is extremely easy in the planning stage of any construction, yet fully constructed premises can also be modified & tuned using the vastu techniques.
In modern living, where the environment at macro level is highly influenced by many factors beyond our control, micro level energy correction done with empowered remedies by vastu expert can effectively bring in and retain health, wealth, harmony and happiness in the life.
Case Study:-
Recently , One of the developer requested us to make a site visit for his residential project located in the mumbai suburb. This project was not making any progress and also there were also frequent obstacles in procuring various permissions from the local bodies. He was struggling to finished this project quickly to get more redevelopment projects in the surrounding area.
We have survery the site and showed them how to connect property with vastu. Basic problem with the site was its main gate, which was from the south west direction. The location of water body and fire station were in the proper zone.
Upon our advice, they immediately relocated the main gate to an auspicious zone. Also energy efficient tools were used inside the each unit to make it more positive and radiant.
Few months later after the changes, developer was delighted not just to have completed the project but also obtained a modest price from the saleable units.
We have provided vastu consultation for redevelopment projects in mumbai- at sion, ghatkopar, santacruz, vile parle, malad, goregaon, borivali, tardeo, jogeshwari for reputed builders in Mumbai.

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