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Vastu Shastra for Shopping Malls

Nowadays, shopping malls is a common sight in many cities including mid size towns. Very few malls attracts a large size of buyers to their place. Rest of malls have a very low business turnover. Many of them are converting it to non retail space.
A sound and positive energy in a retail mall can bring and attract more customers, more turnover. There will be good profit for the owners. Shopping mall should have where energy should be vibrant, nourished, and positive vastu energy.

Important points to be considered while following Vastu shastra for Shopping Mall :-

Surrounding of the mall i.e. Road, water bodies, hill etc.
Shape of the plot of builing
Main Entrance of the Shopping Mall
Parking area
Exterior Design of the mall
Location of staircase and lifts
Showroom entrances
Washroom location
Location of water body
Eating area
Power generator, electrical panels
Elevation of mall

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