An office at home – Working from home

Work from home- Vastu guidelines-Article published in Newspaper


Many home-based professionals and entrepreneurs find that working at home helps them to be more productive. With lesser time to spend commuting, there is more time available to work. Home offices are a relatively new trend where the person sets up a working area in the corner of the bedroom, on the dining room table, corner of the passage, or maybe in the guest bedroom. Some of these locations are excellent places for a home office, but others are not so good from the Vaastu point of view.

The pandemic sweeping the world has made it difficult for people to commute to work, as they are trying their best not to spread COVID-19. Working at the office is not possible now because of this current situation, but working remotely has turned out to be surprisingly productive for many so far. Ever wonder if you could do your work from home and still be happy? With simple Vastu guidelines, it’s possible! You can actually make a space in your house that is conducive to creativity.

According to data from the CoSo cloud, 77% of employees report being more productive at home. They also say 30% of people save $5240 per year by telecommuting.

Flexlobs says people who work remotely earn an average of $4000 more per year.

Here are some of the guidelines to keep in mind for using your home as a workspace

  • If you are a professional, it is best to have a space that is used only for that purpose to keep work and home energies as separate as possible.
  • The north area of your home office is a zone of your career or business. Place an image of a goal or dream that you wish to achieve in the near future.
  • Colors, pictures, and idols placed in the home office should make you happy, appreciated, and creative.
  • The southeast area of the home office represents a fire element and is the best place to keep a computer, lights, or lamp. Do not keep water features like a fountain at the southeast corner.
  • Position your desk or working table in such a way that you face east or north while working. These both are power directions. It illuminates your work.
  • Place your desk so you have a solid wall behind you. Also, avoid seating with door towards your back. Else, you could find yourself the victim of office politics and backstabbing.
  • A clutter-free environment at the home office will help you to avoid any procrastination. You will be surprised how much better, more enthusiastic and, energetic you will feel at work.

The following areas are not suitable for a home office:

  • Brahmasthan (center of the home). According to Vaastu Shastra, this should be kept empty, and without any obstacles. Working at the center of the house brings too much pressure in personal as well as professional life.
  • According to Vaa