Hospitals and medical centers are the key factors in national health systems, and consume a large share of spendings. Hospitals provide a valuable contribution to building a stronger health system and a healthy community. Their health activities include monitoring health status, investigating health problems, educating and informing individuals about the prevention of diseases, and promoting sound health.

Creating a comfortable and holistic space for patients to get well again is integral in ensuring that they will leave the hospital with positive feedback. Every hospital has different specialties that must be considered while designing a layout as per Vastu Shastra.

Hospital Vastu Plans & Design


The importance of hospital design as per Vastu is not often discussed, but it’s an important element to consider for the people that you serve. When designing a new hospital or renovating the current one with limited space and budgeting constraints do your best to incorporate these principles in order to make patients feel calm and safe during their stay while also feeling more at home when they come back after their recovery.