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vastu for modern construction

Have Money But No Harmony / Mental Peace in Life?

Yes, Many People are facing issue these days in their day to day life. You Got to Blame your Home / House because it has some Serious Vastu Defects that Needs Immediate Correction / Cure / Remedies.  Such structure disconnects the person from the cosmic structure. Modern construction can bring harmony to the owners if planned as per vastu.

Living in harmony with nature has always been the practical necessity of people all over the world. Harmony (Vastu) and beauty (Architecture) literally plays a major theme while taking a buying decision for the new home or business place.

Buying a property can be one of the most significant decisions of your life. Whether you buy a home or a business location, it is immensely valuable for you to know vibrations of the house you are buying. Focus on the properties, the ones that will bring you tranquility, beneficial energy, abundance, and good prosperity.

According to Latest Survey By India’s Leading Property Portal 90% of Home Buyers Prefer Buying a Home / House which is Built according to the Vastu Principles. Most people prefer to buy a home that has been designed as per vastu. Hence many builders try to implement at least basic principals in their layout during construction of house or home. They try to avoid creating negative zones. Sometimes vastu principles limit the scope of the design, but 70% of the vastu is also okay with most of the buyers. However, later the owner if desires for some alterations within his/her own house can make the same without disturbing the main structure in modern construction.

For the builders, the best time for the vastu application is when starting a new building project & the Process is still in its very early stages, before the plans are finalized, before it gets final planning permission, and certainly before you start pouring concrete. The earlier you think about the vastu aspects of your plans, the more benefit ( project completion in time, faster sale, Co-ordination issues, labor issues, Issues in Procurement of materials, Legal Government Issues, Funding Issue, Security Issue, etc.) you can avail.

DirectionVastu defectVastu Impact
North-EastSeptik TankSickness to society members
North EastHigher flooringProject Delayed
North EastHill, mountainProject Delayed
North EastHigh rise BuildingProject Delayed
North EastMissing CornerLower Booking
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