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First Do No Harm- Vastu remedies – No Demolition- No Breakages

Vastu Remedies

Let us get one major Vaastu myth out of the way. In 75 percent of the existing houses or business places, there is no need for major demolition or reconstruction for vaastu correction or making the existing premises vaastu compliant.
The beauty of Vaastu is that you can benefit by incorporating minor changes, which will make major changes in your life. Vaastu is not a religion; it is a pure science of vibrations for setting things correctly and balancing the five elements i.e. earth, fire, water, space and air.
A defect or Vaastu dosh can be corrected through minor changes in the cabins or rooms, through the interiors of the house by applying harmonious colours, by changing the furniture placements, by using regulators and remedies.
Every Vaastu defect has some kind of remedy and this helps you to convert the living or working spaces in a particular order. This sets the equation between cosmic energies and the people living or working in the premises and creates a rhythm and balance in the atmosphere.
If you have your kitchen at wrong place simply activate the fire element at the south east corner of the kitchen itself, along with activating the southeast corner of the house by specific object representing fire element.
Many Vaastu defects can be cured by installing pyramids. The pyramids used in vaastu are micro versions of the big domes used at places of worship and can be effectively used to rectify Vaastu dosha. While pyramids can be made of any material, those made of copper, crystal and wood are more effective.

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