Vastu Advice for plants

Vastu Advice for plants

GREEN RULES- Importance of trees and plants in vaastu

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Vastu Advice for plants – Vaastu tenets prohibit many big trees in a certain direction from where they only shower misfortune on human and buildings. Similarly, there are many tree & plants which are auspicious in certain directions.
For any house, it is auspicious to have an awla tree in North-East, anaar in North-West, banyan in the east, goolar in the south, peepal in the west and paakar in the north. But they should be at sufficient distance from the house.
Vastu prohibits peepal in the east, banyan in the west, goolar in the north and paakar in the south as they silently hamper the peace in human. But many trees like neem, mango, and anaar provide good results in all directions.

Big Tree – Vastu Advice for plants

The fact is that vastu does not recommend any big tree near the main building of the house as they slowly destroy the foundations and create subtle restlessness in the environment. Big trees create a serious vaastu dosh if their shadow falls on the house. Vastu recommends tall trees with a big spread and thick green leaves in the south, west or south-west corner of palaces, big houses, colonies, and farmhouses to enhance their retention power for positive urja. They should never be located in the North-East sector ( except awla), where they obstruct the free flow of jaivik, pranic and positive energy from nature.

Milky & Thorny plants – Vastu Advice for plants

Except few medicinal plants, all thorny plants give rise to tensions in the environment. Cactus is the worst.
Tree and  plants exuding white sap should also be kept off. Lime and karonda etc. are OK in an orchard but not in residence or business premises.
Growing creepers/climbers with support on the compound wall or a house wall are best avoided.

Tulasi (Basil) – Vastu Advice for plants

According to Vaastu, one of the most powerful and auspicious plants is the Tulsi or basil plant. This shrub, which has great medicinal value, can purify the atmosphere and keep mosquitoes away. Tulsi can be grown at the front or the back of the house, in galleries, windows – in all places where it can be exposed regularly to sunlight. While growing it in the garden, place Tulsi plant in the north-east

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