Vastu Consultant Hyderabad, Secunderabad, telangana

People in Telangana as well as Andhra Pradesh are firm believers in Vastu. Most important, if property is not according to Vastu, then it will be very difficult for the builder to sell  at prevailing rates. 

Buying a good Vastu home is really a fascinating experience. Vastu friendly home assures you a sound health, good fortune and also peace of mind. Success, accomplishments and also prosperity are at your door step.  As a result you become  a super successful. Vastu is universal system and applicable to whole world.

Mr. Agarwal shifted in 2015 from the Mumbai to Secunderabad (Near Hyderabad) in a rented house. Though he was a firm Vastu believer, he ignored a Vastu check before renting premises. He stayed for this house for a few months and to his surprise, he was offered a few lucrative partnership business proposals. A guest who has visited his house has pointed out him that Vastu of his house could be a reason for a new turn in his life. He immediately approached us through one of our old client to verify if this could be a reason.

We made a visit to his apartment  in Secunderabad and  found one of the best house-made according to the Vastu principles.

vastu consultant hyderabad telangana

Vastu Findings

  • Location of the main door towards the north (direction of lord Kubera) has blessed him with a great business offers. Certainly, it is a strong feature.
  • Kitchen towards the south-east has  enhanced the zone of prosperity. As a result, growth is definitely on card. Energetically it governs abundance and well-being
  • Master bed room at south