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Vastu Tips for North Facing House - Direction north is ruled by Lord Kubera, a god of wealth. North facing House/Properties are the first choice of the business community. It is very easy to fit all the Vastu requirements while planning a north-facing house. A north-facing house is sold very quickly.

Such houses attract lots of abundance in wealth to the occupant and therefore elevate material prosperity.

Location of the Main entrance, Kitchen, Bedrooms, Open Space, Living Room / Area, Dining Room, Toilet, Bathroom, Temple / Mandir, Swimming Pool, Garage, Gym, Terrace, Staircase, garden, etc. should be carefully accommodated while designing a north-facing house.

Vastu Tips for North Facing House - Home

  • Leave more open space towards the North as well as  East while making a construction. Open space towards the north and east is called a breathing space of the house.
  • Avoid excess margin towards the south or west, because it creates a Vastu defect. More open space towards south and west is a Vastu defect and should be rectified by using a cut of the method by using Vastu partition strips. Hence leave minimum space towards South and  West while planning a house on the north-facing plot.
  • Avoid heavy pillar on the North East side while making a house. Obstructive pillar can create lots of hurdles in life.
  • Provide maximum windows on the North or East side of the construction because these are the energy sourcing directions.
  • Avoid any arch on the door as well as the window. It is highly inauspicious.
  • Provide open terrace towards the North with more construction towards the south. Apply element balancing techniques for having an open terrace in any other directions.
  • Provide roof slope towards the North or East direction of the plot. Use pyramid arrows under the guidance of Vastu expert in case of reverse water slope. This is called a  virtual correction method according to Vastu.

External Vastu

  • Provide underground tank at North-East i.e either northeast of east or northeast of east zone section of the house. Water tank in any other direction should be rectified by using vastu shift arrow as well as Vastu corners.
  • Do not make any septic tank at North-East, south-east or south-west corner of the plot. Location of a septic tank in these directions is a serious Vastu defect.  Therefore it is necessary to locate a septic tank correctly. Use Vastu pyramid partitions strips or Vastu corners for correction.
  • Provide garage towards the north-West side of the plot or house.
  • Do not place the toilet, staircase, wall, pillar or kitchen in the centre of the house. This falls under the "major vastu defect"  category.
  • Avoid plot with T junction from any side. T-junction brings various troubles to the occupants. It should be corrected by a cut off method with copper pyramid divider, sriprani wooden pyramid and, vastu bricks.
  • Avoid veedhi shoola projecting to the North-West corner of the plot for the house facing north direction.
  • Restrict any projection in the plot (Except North East to the extent of 10%). Cut off the projection by using Vastu partition strips.
  • Finally, Make sure that the internal arrangement during the construction period is made according to the Vastu guidelines
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The Following placement may cause Vastu defects in the north zone:

  • A kitchen in the North Zone
  • A toilet as well as a bathroom in the North Zone
  • A missing corner at the North direction
  • A pole or tree in the north direction of the house
  • A higher flooring in the north zone
  • A higher roof at north than south
  • A Storeroom in a north direction
  • Overhead tank in the north zone
  • A Septic tank at north

Few simple Vastu Tips  & Remedies for North Facing House:-

For the septic tank at the north, use Vastu copper strips around the tank. It is a virtual technique to cut off the negatives.

For the kitchen in the north zone, use labradorite crystal as well as Vastu shift arrows to avoid any serious impact on the finance.

Missing north direction indicates financial trouble. Use painting of endless road along with golden pyramids chips behind the painting.

A toilet at the north can be corrected by fixing Vastu copper strips on the toilet door frame. Also, place Vastu salt inside the toilet to be replaced every week.

For slope towards the south  (i.e., higher north) can be corrected by installing  3 brass helix near the north zone.

The overhead water tank at the north can be corrected by using a copper pyramid shifting arrow on the tank. Ideally, use 3 arrows or in multiple.

For a pole or tree in the north, Fix Vastu copper swastika facing pole or tree for the protection.

A storeroom in the north can be corrected by installing brass shankha filled with water to reduce the negative impact.

Place a pair of brass elephants above the door with trunk up. It is believed to attracts wealth to the house.

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