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plot vastu

As far as vastu shastra is concerned, the external environment is the most important. In fact, it is equally important what we applied inside the house. while buying land, you must consider the shape of the house.

  • In vastu shastra, the beneficial shapes are the square and the rectangle (with proper ratio). The other shapes whether circle, U or L create a missing corner that may cause serious problems depending on the section missing.
    According to vastu best plots are those that are rectangular or square in the shape while evaluating a plot vastu. According to Vishwakarma Prakash square property gives abundance in food grain, Elephant shape property gives enormous wealth, Lion shape property gives good progeny where as bull shapes property gives an increase in the cattle (vehicles).

  • Plot sharing boundary with water canel at south and west should be avoided.
  • Do not buy plot having a pond at south, south-west, south-east, west and, also north-west.
  • Avoid plot close to the cemetery.
According to Vishwakarma Prakash Chapter 1, Sloka-59,
  • plot near the cemetery is not auspicious for the house owners and it is highly dangerous. Also, a plot with a termite invites serious trouble to the family members.

  • Never purchase a plot with the tall structure on north & east.
  • Plot with a shadow of the temple falling during 9 am to 3 pm should be avoided.
  • Any shadow falling on the plot is not good.
  • Avoid plot with missing corner. It can be used only if corrections are possible with vastu remedies.
  • Plot with extended corner other than northeast creates different kind of vastu defect based on its extended directions.
  • Any Plot with road towards north and east brings more prosperity.
  • Avoid plot with Bad veedhi shoola (Road ending at plot). It is not progressive for business.
  • Plot with Slope towards the south, south-west, south-east and, also north-west brings downfall for the business.
According to Vishwakarma Prakash Chapter-2,
  • Shloka-15, a plot with a slope towards the east gives the benefits of wealth. A plot sloping towards the south-east brings sorrow. If slope is towards the south, it may be a reason for short life. A slope towards the south-west creates a fear.

According to Vishwakarma Prakash Chapter-2, Shloka-16
  • A plot with a slope towards the west creates quarrels in the family.  A plot sloping towards the north-west could be a reason for short life. A slope towards the northern direction improves descendant luck (growth of the family) & Land sloping towards the north-east gives the abundance through gems.

  • Plot with water body at north, northeast or east brings success to the business. A Flow of water should not be towards the south.
  • Plot having overhead high tension wire should be avoided. As a result, it brings geopathic stress at the site.

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