Plot Vastu 

Vastu for Residential, Industrial & commercial plot


Investment in the land offers great return than investing in a home, stock market and government securities. As far as Vastu shastra is concerned, the external environment is the most important while analysing a property. In fact, it is equally important what we applied inside the house. while buying land, you must consider the shape of the house to analyse plot Vastu.

In Vastu shastra, the beneficial shapes are the square and the rectangle (with proper ratio). The other shapes whether circle, U or L create a missing corner that may cause serious problems depending on the section missing.
According to Vastu best plots are those which are rectangular or square in the shape. According to Vishwakarma Prakash, square property gives abundance in food grain, Elephant shape property gives enormous wealth, Lion shape property gives good progeny whereas bull shapes property gives an increase in the cattle (vehicles).

plot selection

A key factor to consider while selecting a plot:-

  1. Road surrounding the plot
  2. The shape of the flow
  3. Slope- the flow of the water
  4. Surroundings locations
  • Plot sharing boundary with water canel at south and west should be avoided.
  • Do not buy a plot having a pond at the south, south-west, south-east, west and, also north-west.
  • Avoid residential or commercial plot close to the cemetery.
  • A taller building towards the north or east of the plot or compound is a big hindrance.
According to Vishwakarma Prakash Chapter 1, Sloka-59,
  • Plot near the cemetery is not au